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After an investigation that began more than seven months ago, a Willits man has been arrested on child pornography charges. Ukiah Police started looking into Stephen Vincent Hoag in January after getting information that images had been uploaded to the Internet from a specific address in Willits. UPD detectives got a search warrant for Hoag’s home on Coast Street and working with Willits Police, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Task Force, took several computers that were later forensically analyzed and found to have pornographic images. The DA issued an arrest warrant for Hoag in May. Willits Police arrested him Tuesday.

Another fish kill has hit Clear Lake by Lakeport. Water Resources Director Philip Moy says it’s the combination of nutrients, cyanobacteria and warm water all affecting how much oxygen is dissolved for the fish to consume. He says like many other lakes in California Clear Lake has this summer been host to a large, dense, persistent bloom of blue-green algae which itself consumes oxygen, meaning less for the fish. And the warm water both reduces the amount of oxygen in the water and increases the fish’s metabolic rate so they actually need more oxygen at a time when there is less to go around. Moy calls it the perfect storm for Clear Lake fish and says there is little that can be done other than let nature take its course. He reminds you the blue-green algae can produce toxins that can make people and pets sick so avoid areas with a lot of it. And before eating fish from the lake, throw away the guts and thoroughly rinse the filets with tap or bottled water.

The CHP has released details on the car accident that started a brush fire Tuesday afternoon off Highway 29 north of Hwy 175. Investigators say 17-year-old Wyatt Gaskell of Kelseyville was headed south on Highway 29 and didn’t realize traffic in front of him had slowed. He swerved to avoid rear-ending a car and veered into the northbound lane where he crashed into a pickup truck driven by Susan Suenram of Kelseyville. Gaskell’s car flipped before landing in the field, touching off the fire. Gaskell had minor injuries. Suenram and her passenger were not hurt.

Ukiah Speedway the scene of a very special moment in a local family’s life. Bella Denoeu was tapped to flag a race at the Speedway last Sunday in on honor of her 14th birthday. What she didn’t know was that the winning car had a very special passenger. When it came time to present the trophy, she learned that the passenger in the winning car was her Dad, Air Force Tech Sgt Charlie Denoeu who had just returned from a 6-month deployment.


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