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A man from Willits is arrested after police find computers with child pornography on them. The Ukiah Police Department reports getting info six months ago about possible porno being uploaded at an address in Willits so they got a search warrant and several law enforcement agencies went to the man’s house finding several computers with kiddy porn on them. The man, identified as 58-year-old Stephen Vincent Hoag was then arrested on suspicion of child pornography possession and production, and distribution or exhibition of obscene matter. He was held on $50,000 bail.

The Board of Supervisors revisits the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance for an entire day. The board getting loads of complaints by growers about permit fees and other issues. The Daily Journal reports there were also complaints about how long it was taking and that the Planning and Building and Agriculture departments were not in sync. The Mendo County CEO Carmel Angelo reported only two permits issued so far, and almost 700 applications backlogged. There are changes coming apparently though, like extending the permit application deadline, how applications are processed by which department and where trimming can take place. Smaller gardens get relaxed regulations and no more 3rd party inspections. Other requirements have also been tossed. The revisions will be taken up again at the next Board of Supervisors meeting, Tuesday.

The Mendocino County Sheriff says there’s too much time devoted to marijuana. Sheriff Allman in front of the Board of Supervisors yesterday as they took up the county’s Cannabis Cultivation Program. The Sheriff says yes, the county needs to pay attention to marijuana, but says they also need to talk about other issues, like mental health. The sheriff spoke to the Daily Journal about his second attempt at getting a mental health sales tax passed. The sheriff working to get a new mental health facility but also told those in attendance, there were many other issues to be concerned with too, with trash bags in hand, he mentioned picking up litter…

A man climbing a P,G&E transmission tower got a massive shock, then fell off, causing a power outage and brush fire. The tower in Santa Rosa along the Prince Memorial Greenway path. Police say the guy went about 80 feet up the 100‑foot‑tall-tower and hit a 115‑kilovolt line. An electrician happened to be nearby. He heard a loud noise and thought it might be a power surge so he and others ran outdoors and saw smoke up by the tower. The witnesses say the man was screaming and his hair and clothes were on fire. The electrician says he saw the man jolted about 3 times. He was on fire when he fell on dry grass which ignited. He and others got fire extinguishers and put out the flames. The climber had burns over 75 percent of his body, massive trauma from the fall and possibly more serious injuries from the electrical shock. He had no I-D on him, cops say he was in his early to late twenties..

Major road work in Lake County after the heavy rains this past winter. The Bailey bridge access to Spring Valley on New Long Valley Road is being taken down after it was partially destroyed in heavy rains this winter. It’s the only way to get into Spring Valley from Highway 20 so residents had to use a temporary bridge to get home or leave. Apparently it’s taken longer than expected to get the federal dollars to pay for the needed fixes. Property owners have to allow access near the bridge so work can be done to create a lane around the bridge. That will allow residents to get in and out of the area as the bridge work is done. A landslide had partially blocked the area this winter. They’re also trying to widen lanes so residents can get around the work. A lot of other county road work is on hold while representatives wait to hear back from the Fed.

A barrier’s being put up on Highway 1 near Jenner after the car crash that killed two young girls on the road. 6 year old Kaitlyn and 4 year old Hailey Markus died after their mother lost control of her pickup on slippery, wet pavement last year. The truck went down a steep embankment into the Russian River trapping the two girls. Neighbors are working to get a 600-foot guardrail put up on the curve where the girl’s died before the end of the year. Caltrans approved the work. There will also be four, flashing, solar-powered speed feedback signs. Sen. Mike McGuire is also working with Caltrans to get the work done.

A fire near Yosemite National Park apparently started by gunshots. The fire’s already destroyed several homes, now Cal Fire says it was started by gunshots, but they didn’t say much more. 63 homes burned in the mid July fire and thousands of people were evacuated. Shooting is allowed on public lands near Yosemite, but they’re offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Calfire working to fully surround a fire that started near Kelseyville which has charred 62 acres. The Bottle Fire started Tuesday near Bottle Rock Road and Highway 29 was pegged at 75 acres, but better mapping downsized it last night. It’s 90% contained. There’s been no homes or other structures damaged or destroyed. There was one injury to a firefighter, but it’s not been publicized if it was related to the fire or not.

More fish have died in Clearlake, this time off Lakeport. The Record Bee reports Lake County’s Department of Water Resources says the fish have died probably because of algae and warm water. The paper reports warm water fish like the ones living in Clear Lake need 5 parts per million (ppm) dissolved oxygen to thrive, but this summer there have been massive blue-green algae blooms, blocking access to oxygen at night. Right now the water temperature is around 80 to 84 degrees, plus the oxygen during night time hours is basically suffocating the fish already stressed from the warm water. As we reported yesterday, the Water Dept. is warning to keep children and pets out of algal scrums. And they say before eating fish out of the lake, to toss their guts and thoroughly rinse the filets.

An update on Hoberg’s delivered to the Lake County Board of Supervisors. The county Environmental Health Director and a Cobb Area Council member were at the meeting to give an update on the Valley Fire cleanup at the old mountain resort. The property was basically flattened by the fire then used to store and process logs from trees that had to be felled after the fire. The county ordered a cleanup of the property in the spring of 2016 after storm water overflowed the resort’s wrecked septic system which was then running into a creek. The report to the supervisors said the structural debris cleanup was done at a cost of nearly one million dollars. Now they’re looking towards a final certification of soil cleanup. That should be done in the next couple weeks. A bunch of timber is being taken out as well and some will be burned on site. They’re also coming up with a storm water and erosion plan by the middle of Sept.

Police in San Bernardino arrest a man who was tooling around a movie theater parking lot in a stolen go-kart. The go-kart ripped off from an amusement park in Redlands. Police say it was taken Sunday night from Splash Kingdom then found with the man inside 6 miles away in downtown San Bernardino. Jeremiah Gerky is also accused of harassing and ignoring security officers at the movie theater. He was arrested on suspicion of grand theft with bail set at $50,000.

A hot mess on I-70 as a semi truck crashes and catches fire, defrosting the cargo onboard. Police say both directions of the highway had to be closed down while the mess was cleaned up, 22,000 pounds of frozen jalapenos and ravioli that was headed to Ohio from Missouri. The driver got out and unhooked the trailer which he says he thinks caught fire due to an electrical issue.


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