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Students interested in medical careers got to do an intensive healthcare internship in Ukiah. Two high school teachers spent two weeks with 10 local high schoolers at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley. They took part in three-hour clinical rotations in 10 different departments, including Surgery, ICU, Emergency, Labor and Delivery and X-Ray. 3 of the days they were at their high school doing work experience projects. Besides their rotations they had homework. Students from all Mendocino County high schools were invited to apply with a letter of recommendation and other requirements. 6 students from Ukiah High School, 3 from Anderson Valley High and 1 from Developing Virtue Secondary School attended.

A big shindig’s happening this weekend in Ukiah. The Mendocino College Foundation Gala is tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM at the college stadium field under a big tent. There will be wine, champagne and beer samplings and items from local restaurants and caterers to support students who attend Mendocino College. Student success is the theme and the special events chair adds, it’s the school’s mission. The money raised goes to scholarships. More than $200,000 is being given out this fall. There’s also a silent auction and other festivities including Sen. Mike McGuire as the auctioneer extraordinaire. Tickets can be purchased at

Another appeal to the proposed Costco in Ukiah. As we reported yesterday, just as the project gets a green light, Ukiah City Council member Steve Scalmanini is appealing it because he thinks it should have solar panels. He says the lack of solar energy is not consistent with several goals and policies of the current City Council. This in a letter he wrote to the City Manager last week. Scalmanini’s appeal goes before the City Council at a special hearing on Aug. 24th. The mayor says he’s disappointed in the councilman’s actions saying the project could bring a million dollars a year in tax revenue to the city, not to mention, dozens of good-paying jobs. Council member Maureen Mulheren took to Facebook to say Scalmanini should withdraw his appeal, saying it’s important for the community to speak up too. The city clerk has received more than 130 letters regarding the appeal…

The state and Mendocino County have different cannabis track-and-trace vendors, creating some red tape. The Daily Journal reports Mendocino County chose SICPA which is doing the same in Yolo and Humboldt counties, plus some Northern Calif. cities. Apparently the state’s vendor can work with third party systems, but it’s not known if a software that could link the two would be available in Calif. The track and trace program would start after all permits are issued. SICPA is great for branding purposes with detailed descriptions, Franwell, the company the state will use, is not.

Competition is heating up for an open seat on the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District’s board of directors. The seat will become vacant at the end of the year. Two incumbents, Robert Page and Jim Ronco have filed nomination papers, along with Ernie Wipf. The deadline is today at 5 PM unless the other incumbent board member John Sakowicz does not file. Then there would be an extension until Aug. 16th. If you’re interested in running, you must be a registered voter, live in the jurisdiction and gather 20 signatures of support from other registered voters. The Mayor says the district has a new general manager, but there’s still hostility between the city and the district.

Concerns raised about the way the Oroville Dam main spillway reconstruction is going. Part of the emergency spillway that failed in February is just getting a temporary fix with a concrete experts say isn’t as strong as the concrete that will eventually be used for the spillway chute. The last couple of memos from the Board of Consultants posted on the Department of Water Resources’ website shows concern the temporary fix may not hold up. The weaker concrete to be used to prevent erosion in areas of the spillway. Also the same concrete to be used for a vertical drop on the dam, which some say could potentially crater in areas, with tiny air bubbles. There’s also some concern about the way part of the chute is being built. All of the temporary fixes to be fixed further and made permanent next year.

The former bookkeeper of a winery in Graton accused of stealing is going to prison for almost 4 years. Sandra Turner of Cloverdale pleaded no contest to embezzling $194,000 from the Paul Hobbs Winery between 2010 and 2016. Prosecutors say the woman also changed business accounts to make the 120 checks she wrote look like they were just vendor payments. But the company found there were unpaid vendor invoices and investigated further. Her lawyer says she did it because she was a gambling addict and she’s since paid the winery back. She got 3 years and 8 months behind bars.

After severe damage from February rain and flooding Clear Lake State park in Lake County has reopened. The Kelsey Creek Campground, the biggest of the four inside the park on the southern shore of the lake, opened last weekend. The campground is first come, first served until they get their park reservation system up and running. There are 65 camp sites there. It was hammered by rain this winter as Clearlake’s level rose a foot and a half over flood stage. It took about a month for the lake to get back under flood stage, but in the meantime, there was standing water at the park. Some areas sat in four to five feet of water with workers hopping on row boats to get to certain areas. High winds complicated things further, leaving a bunch of damage and taking equipment which floated away.

It’s clean of blue green algae, but the Sonoma County Dept. of Health Services is warning folks to be cautious in the Russian River between Cloverdale and the river mouth. Signs will stay up as a precaution due to possible exposure to the neurotoxin anatoxin-a. It’s been several weeks since any was detected, but the state requires two weeks of clean testing for blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, before the signs can come down. County environmental health staffers continue to monitor the River saying the bacteria could move with the current. The signs went up July 27th after routine testing found low levels of anatoxin-a. If you get infected or come into contact, you could experience a reaction in your nervous system like staggering, fatigue, convulsions, paralysis or even death.

Folks in Colorado get a surprise when a bear breaks into their SUV, and takes it for a joyride, crashing it, and, well, leaving something of a mess. The bear got inside a Subaru, which a local newspaper reports, then probably released the parking brake and rolled. The bear then crashed into a utility box and a mailbox, pooped inside the SUV and hopped out. The owners ran outside when they heard the crash finding the Subaru without a steering wheel or radio and the back window broken.


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