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Mendocino County officials are reportedly taking a look at the finances of the County museum’s nonprofit Mendocino Museum Community Partners. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports since the museum director retired, County officials have been helping to keep the museum going and at the same time looking at the books. County CEO Carmel Angelo says they are looking into the accounting practices as well as the relationship between the nonprofit and the County and some apparent intermingling of the money. Angelo says once they’ve gone over it all, they will report their findings to the Board of Supervisors and then decide the next steps. She says, though, the museum is not in any danger of closing down and the County librarian is overseeing the museum.

With the return of cooler weather and reduced wildfire danger, the Bureau of Land Management has rescinded fire restrictions on public lands managed by the Ukiah and Arcata field offices including Mendocino, Lake, Napa, Sonoma, and several other nearby counties. The BLM also lifting restrictions on target shooting that have been in effect since midsummer on Ukiah Office public lands. You still need to get a campfire permit though. You can get those at the BLM Ukiah Field Office on State Street. And, the BLM’s fire management officer says, you still should not have fires on windy days, and you should always fully extinguish a fire before you leave a campsite.

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