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The Lake County Sherriff has released the timeline of Monday’s shooting spree in Clearlake Oaks, which began with Alan Ashmore having a fight with a woman at his home in Anchor Village. Ashmore reportedly held the woman at knifepoint and then shot her in the foot as she ran away to a neighbor’s house. Ashmore’s father Douglas came out of Ashmore’s home and Ashmore shot and killed him. He fired at the neighbor but missed and then got a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun and got into his SUV. He went to a nearby home and opened fire – one woman was hurt when she jumped out a window – and continued driving and firing through other homes, at one point encountering a friend, Richard Braden, sitting in a parked car, and shot and killed him. Ashmore shot at a CHP Officer responding to the call but the officer has non-life threatening injuries and even went to the elementary school to help lock it down. At the Chevron station on Highway 20 and Keys Boulevard Ashmore fired at a vendor who defended himself with his own gun. He then robbed the Power Mart on Highway 20 near Foothill Boulevard and the Sheriff alleges he lit wildfires as he drove up High Valley Road in an apparent attempt to slow down pursuing officers. Firefighters got them quickly knocked down. Ashmore drove to the Brassfield Winery where he flashed the gun at someone there and deputies caught up to him on High Valley Road at Bartlett Springs. They say he had a shotgun, a pistol, and several rounds of ammo. The initial motive is still under investigation.

Lake County is cracking down on price gouging, especially rent spiking, in the wake of the Sulphur Fire. State law says during a declared Local Emergency essential goods, including housing, can’t be raised more than 10% above the average market price before the disaster. But last week the Lake County Supervisors unanimously passed a new ordinance making it illegal to evict an existing tenant in order to rent to someone – such as a fire victim – at a higher price. Violating the Count y Ordinance is a misdemeanor but carries a possible $20,000 fine. That’s on top of the state law, which comes with a $10,000 fine and a year in prison.

Two Ukiah teens have been arrested for having semiautomatic handguns and ammo plus a high capacity magazine. Ukiah Police were called to a report a group fight in Orchard Park Monday afternoon where they found eight people and detained them all. Police recognized one 16-year-old boy as part of the Sureno Street Gang. Then patted him down and found a handgun, high capacity magazine and ammo. A 14-year-old girl was also found with a gun and ammo. One of the guns was reported stolen out of Utah.

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