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CAL OES providing a likely timeline for cleaning up home sites from the Mendocino Lake Fire Complex. At a conference call today (Thurs) with reporters, officials confirmed they’ve begin Household Hazardous Material removal with Phase 1 happening as Cal Dept. of Toxic Substance Control workers goes through neighborhoods removing your household HazMat, and then Phase 2 starting when Phase 1 finishes. That will be done by the US Army Corps of Engineers and includes removing ash and other fire debris. The Corps is not charging homeowners for this work and homeowners may accompany them on property. Then they have to test the soil for Asbestos and other contaminants, which could take several days for the results to come back. And they could have to keep removing soil and structures until all chemical levels are back to where they were before the fire. After that they do erosion control, and then allow landowners back on for rebuilding. A spokesman said on average this could all take about 30 days.

A countywide marijuana thief who had been the recent focus of an intensive manhunt has accepted a plea deal to multiple charges with a sentence of 25 years in prison. The Mendocino County District Attorney says Trevor Michael Jackson pleaded guilty to a felony crime spree that included burglarizing a locked building to steal marijuana in March 2016; kidnapping and robbery while armed with an assault weapon while stealing marijuana in July of this year, and vehicle theft while running from cops who had a warrant for those two cases in August. The DA says this will be Jackson’s fourth time in state prison.

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