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A teenager from Redwood Valley whose younger brother died in the Redwood Fire, has also died. 17 year old Kressa Shepherd was in the hospital with severe burns since October 9th. Her 14 year old brother Kai died the night of the fire after the flames overtook him when he and his family were trying to escape. Their mom and dad are in separate hospitals recovering from burns they got too, and do not know their children both died. Kressa had to have both of her legs amputated and never woke up from a coma. She was a junior at Ukiah High School and is now the 43rd victim of the wildfires in Northern California that started the weekend of October 8th. Mom Sara has burns on 60 percent of her body and is in stable condition at UC Davis and her husband, Jon has burns on 45 percent of his body. He’s at St. Francis Memorial Hospital’s burn unit in San Francisco.

The work on the replacement of the Harbin Creek Bridge in Lake County had to be put on hold because of frogs. This particular frog is said to be designated as potentially threatened under the California Endangered Species Act. As coincidence would have it, one day after the project went out for bid, Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs were added to the list of potentially threatened species. So they conducted a biological study which is usually done in any construction project, and found 10 adult and juvenile frogs where the temporary Bailey bridge is. So now the work may be delayed as long as one year. Apparently it would have had to be delayed even if the frog was not listed as threatened.

The North Bay North Coast Broadband Consortium is asking folks to document what sort of outage they had when fires broke out earlier this month in at least three of their four consortium counties, Napa, Mendocino, and Sonoma. They’re asking folks to let them know if you lost service, for how long, and if the power outage affected telecommunications. The Consortium says that will help them figure out where there are infrastructure weaknesses and specific provider dependencies. They say they’ve had surveys in the past during outages which they shared with elected representatives, which were also then cited in Government Accountability Office reports and the state’s Public Utility Commission. The survey can be found at the Broadband Alliance Homepage at of their Facebook page.

A special meeting by the Lake County Board of Supervisors on wildfire recovery. The board meeting as they normally do on a Tuesday, but usually not on the fifth Tuesday of the month. County officials are apparently working on other time-sensitive issues as well. Lake Co News reports the board also considering an agreement between the county and the city of Clearlake for public health and environmental health assistance due to the Sulphur Fire. An agreement was agreed to by the Clearlake City Council last week so that Lake County Environmental Health could manage the debris recovery process. The board is also considering using the Eastlake Landfill for final disposal for debris from the 2017 wildfires that happened outside of Lake County. The board will also consider the reconstruction of certain structures burned in the Sulphur fire. They will also look at temporary housing in the fire area.

Consumer advocates concerned if P,G & E is found responsible for one of the fires that broke out this month, will they pass on higher rates to consumers to pay for power outage work. Calfire and the Calif. Public Utilities Commission are reportedly investigating if the utility’s power lines were to blame for the Tubbs Fire, the most destructive of the wildfires. PG&E has insurance but is said to be considering charging customers for costs not covered by their insurance. The price of damage is estimated in Wine Country alone to be as high as $12 billion when all is said and done. The utility asking that a precedent from 2007 in San Diego County be used, showing a utility is not entirely responsible for the risk of wildfire.

Whatever’s left of the wildfires still smoldering after the Firestorm early this month should be out as the National Weather Service says substantial rain is on the way. The Weather Service out of Sacramento reporting rain and snow in the forecast later this week. The rain expected at the end of the week into the weekend, but could come as soon as Thursday. Northern Calif hasn’t gotten a lot of rain so far this fall, and the winter forecast from Accuweather in California says to expect a mild and drier winter than last season.

Still a bunch of dogs and cats that have not been picked up or claimed after the Sulphur Fire in Lake County. Lake Co News has posted pictures of all the displaced animals and says dogs that are adopted from Lake County Animal Care and Control are either neutered or spayed and have been microchipped. Some also got shots and they will have a county license before they can be adopted. This week they have a Chihuahua, German Shepherd, pit bull and shepherd available. The cats are all being held for 30 days before they are put up for adoption.

A Day of Remembrance of the Northern California Fires by Governor Jerry Brown. On Saturday, flags were to be flown at half-mast to honor those who died in the recent fires. 9 people died in Mendocino County, the ninth last night in the hospital, from injuries in the Redwood Valley Fire. More than 300 homes were destroyed. There are still people missing in Napa and Sonoma counties, the fires across Northern Calif. that started October 8th are now considered the deadliest in California history. The Governor’s statement to proclaim October 28th as a “Day of Remembrance of the Northern California Fires” in the State of California.

The Sulphur Fire has officially been fully contained. The fire got to 2,207 acres and burned 168 structures, two of those were outside the city of Clearlake, but the rest burned in the city, including 136 homes. The fire first reported early Oct. 9th and ended up being managed with the Redwood Fire as the Mendocino Lake Complex. The Redwood fire started a day before, on October 8th. It’s also been fully contained, as of last Thursday. That fire killed nine people, burned more than 36,520 acres and several hundred structures in Potter and Redwood valleys. The two fires were both fully contained ahead of the projected date of November 1st. This Wednesday. Other fires that started in Northern Calif around the same time, the Southern LNU Complex that burned in Napa and Solano counties is also fully contained after burning 51,624 acres, destroying 481 structures and damaging 90 others. The Central LNU Complex in Napa and Sonoma counties is at 98-percent containment. It’s considered the most destructive in state history. 23 people died in the fire which burned 110,720 acres and destroyed 6,957 structures. All of the fires causes are still being investigated.

Google said to be reworking one of its emojis because it didn’t look quite right. The company had been criticized because of where the cheese is on their version of the cheeseburger emoji. The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai tweeted that the company would, quote “drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday 🙂 if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!” So of course, twitter responds with pictures of various cheeseburger emojis with different placement of the cheese. Some even showed the mistakes in other emoji cheeseburgers, like where the lettuce was or how many sesame seeds were on Facebook’s buns.

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