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Still some ballots left in Mendocino County after the election. The Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Susan Ranochak has announced more than 4,000 ballots left to count as part of the official canvass. There are 3,911 Vote By Mail ballots and 231 Provisional ballots left. Ranochak reminding they have about a month per state law to finish their processing. Then the Statement of Vote will be released with a breakdown of the results by precinct.

The final resolution regarding the demolition of Riviera Motel in Lucerne. The Lake County D-A reported the owner of the motel and the contractors were in violation of safety rules for workers and the public. The lawsuit after a months-long investigation by the Office of Criminal Investigations for the Department of Toxic Substances Control in Sacramento. They found environmental and worker safety violations that had been found by the Lake County Air Quality Management District regarding dust and asbestos. The work should have been stopped, but it wasn’t and there was no protective gear for workers. The owner had to pay more than $270,000 in fines and the contractor put on probation for the violations and they also have thousands in fines.

The latest results from the Mendocino County Elections Office show some incumbents on the Sanitation Board have lost their seats. The Daily Journal reports with nearly 2,600 votes counted, Ernie Wipf got 730 votes, Julie Bawcom had 579 and Andrea Reed won 456. The new board members come as the Sanitation District and the County fight it out in a $30-million lawsuit. Two other challengers for board seats got about 400 votes between them and said they’d step aside so the other three could win instead. In the Millview Water District board of directors race, all of the incumbents will stay. Jeanne Metcalf won 385 votes, Kenneth Budrow got 379 and Jerry Cardoza had 352.

A multimillion dollar contract has been awarded to finally start the Purple Pipe Project in Ukiah. The City Council gives the $22 million dollar contract for the first three phases of the Recycled Water System project to a contractor from Santa Rosa, Ghilotti Construction. California is also giving several million dollars towards the project thru grants and low-interest loans. The project is in four phases and is said to be in the $40 million dollar range for the entire thing.

The latest update set for the Sulphur Fire for the Clearlake City Council. The council will hear about the latest in the recovery process at their meeting tonight, plus they’re also talking about adoption fees for marijuana dispensaries in the city. The meeting will also start with a closed session for a performance evaluation of the City Manager. Staffers will then open the meeting with an update on fire cleanup and the status of right-of-entry agreements and coinciding deadlines for property owners. The council will also talk about the cost of share expenses associated with the fire.

It’s deer mating season so Caltrans is reminding to be careful as the animals may suddenly jump out onto the road. They report several deer to car crashes over the last two weeks, which apparently happens each year around this time, especially at dusk. They also remind it’s mating season for elk as well. There are not as many in Northern Calif., but the warning is the same, to stay vigilant as you drive especially from sunset to midnight, just before and after sunrise, and in foggy conditions.

Another scam related to the fires… the Environmental Protection Agency warning residents of potential fraudsters pretending to be EPA agents, asking for personal financial information by phone. The EPA reminds citizens they’re not asking for this sort of information. The warning comes after the EPA says it received a call from someone in Santa Rosa who says they were contacted by someone saying they were with the EPA and told them they got a grant, but they had to provide personal and financial information. The resident said they thought it was fraud, so they called the EPA to report it. The EPA says all they are doing regarding the fires is removing household hazardous waste from damaged or destroyed property.


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