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The draft Elk conservation plan’s been released. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife put out their Statewide Elk Conservation and Management Plan so the public can review and comment. The agency’s Chief says it’s an important milestone for staff and says public feedback is a major part of the effort so the state can collaborate with anyone interested in the management of elk in Calif. It covers the geography and habitat for Roosevelt, Rocky Mountain and tule elk in California.

The Lake County Administrative Office is putting a lease agreement together with County Counsel so the Fire Chiefs’ Association gets to use the Red Net Radio frequency for a year. This is until the association switches over to its new system. Lake Co News reports the North Shore Fire Chief says it’ll help maintain safety during the changeover. It will apparently mean the county will keep its licensing since there won’t be a gap in use of the Red Net Radio system. They won’t be using Central Dispatch during the transition, instead they’ll access Cal Fire Dispatch. There are five different Fire Districts in Lake County using several different frequencies thru Red Net.

After allowances for carbon emissions permit sell out at record prices for the second time, the state is getting back hundreds of millions of dollars from the auction. Auction results show the state will collect $860 million after lawmakers renewed the cap and trade program. It’s the second straight quarter of the auction which helps to pay for environmental, transportation and other projects like high-speed rail and clean-vehicle subsidies, paid for by polluters releasing greenhouse gases. The cap and trade program is currently licensed thru 2030. California has also set 2030 as its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent below their 1990 levels.

The Xmas parade and tree lighting ceremony’s set in Clearlake. Two weeks from this Saturday, Dec. 9th with the theme “the 12 days of Christmas.” The parade starts at 6 p.m. at Redbud Park and goes to Austin Park. There the Clearlake Christmas tree is lit up. The event’s free and there will be treats like Hot Cocoa and glow sticks for the kids. Lakeshore Drive is closed during the parade. If you’re interested in being a part of the parade, contact the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce at 707-994-3600 or clccontact

Turkey dinners have been delivered to the less fortunate in Clearlake. The Clearlake Police Officers Association had members out on Wednesday to deliver Thanksgiving dinners to those in need. They’ve been doing this for years. They say during the year, police officers meet so many families going through hard times. So thru their contact and with the help of other organizations, that’s how the families are chosen. This year they say they sent a special thank you to the Clearlake Safeway for donating and helping support the annual Clearlake Police Officers Association Thanksgiving Program.

There’s a delay for the lawsuit the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District has filed against the city of Ukiah so the city can prepare for a possible trial. The Daily Journal reports the city atty saying after their case management meeting, the case was continued from March to June, but they’re still having settlement discussions. The District says the city owes it nearly $30 million. The city says since the lawsuit was filed in 2014 they’ve tried several times to negotiate out of court, to no avail. The court’s also set a mandatory settlement conference to happen before Jan. 5th, and an update to the court is set for Jan. 8th. At the same time, there are three new members on the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District board after the general election earlier this month, who the newspaper reports have all shown a desire to work more cooperatively with the city and settle outside of court.

The E-P-A is starting to get asbestos out of fire burned homes. Those in fire affected areas will start seeing several government agencies working to remove debris and hazardous materials from burned properties as part of a multi-agency response to the October fires. Environmental Protection Agency teams already started their work, developing a plan to start next week with the actual removal which can take several hours or days. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from Sacramento is doing the general debris clean up for anyone who’s turned in their Right of Entry forms. They do not touch asbestos. Once again, we’ve posted on our Facebook and Website the new Army Corp Debris Removal Information Line: (877) 875-7681 and the hours they’re open are 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. daily. You can also email for help at USACESupportToMendocino

After reports of a fight at the Lakeport Kmart, cops have arrested a store employee who also attacked an officer. Police say they got a call to the store Tuesday night and an employee outside the store complained another employee assaulted a customer. They say 18 year old Travis Salminen of Kelseyville was still in the store walking around without a shirt on. Officers approached but say he wouldn’t comply with them and ran, so they took chase thru the parking lot and finally caught up, but he then punched one of them several times while holding his cell phone in the same hand. Police say he also bit the officer, but was finally subdued with a taser. Salminen taken to jail for Battery on a Peace Officer, Resisting an Executive Officer by force, Obstructing/Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery. The officer was treated at a hospital and released.

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