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A lot of interest in the Lucerne Hotel since Loyola Marymount University left. The Record Bee reports the Castle, as it’s known, has had interest from more than a dozen entities. The County Administrator’s Office says they’ve had several calls with ideas for the Castle including turning it into a community center, a soup kitchen or for marijuana-related activities. The county bought the Castle in 2010 as part of the county’s redevelopment agency. Half of the property was upgraded at a substantial cost to the county, and half remains untouched since the purchase. Loyola Marymount College was leasing part of the building but pulled out. The county’s now decided to go with a Request for Proposals and says then they will advertise for bids.

A new report shows low numbers of ninth graders expect to graduate from college in Calif. The Public Policy Institute of California report shows 30% of respondents would get a Bachelors Degree due to many factors. The report, “Improving College Pathways in Calif.” looked at 24 school districts. It showed student’s not taking the right prep courses and schools putting them in remedial classes. Plus the state has lax high-school graduation requirements. The report says there will be a shortage of educated workers by 2030, maybe as high as one million less educated workers. The report authors say students headed to college, then stall out, they say it applies to kids who are struggling as well as high-achievers.

A woman in Ukiah who police say was assaulted by her husband had major injuries to her face. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call last Friday morning to the 100 block of Laws Avenue for a domestic violence incident. They say the victim told them her husband, Robert Garcia shoved her to the ground, choked and punched her in the face which left her with major injuries. Garcia’s arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence battery and since cops found out he had some outstanding warrants, he was held without bail.

An airplane cruising the skies of Ukiah is dropping seeds to burned land in Redwood Valley. The Daily Journal reports there are already some spots of green shoots where the plane has dropped the seeds. Apparently it’s a private pilot who heard thru his mother, whose a local, that property owners wanted help with reseeding after the fires early last month. He’s charging $10 an acre for the reseeding. If you see a plane in the valley today, it’s the same pilot dropping seeds. He says he expects to seed about 2,500 acres in all.

The CHP reporting on the holiday weekend arrests in Ukiah. Several alcohol-related arrests reported by the CHP from November 17th to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which is more than last year. Officers making about 10 DUI arrests last week, but they say that’s an unofficial number that could go up. In Ukiah the CHP reported 19 car crashes between Nov. 17 and Nov. 26th and they say there were more people killed and arrested during the enforcement period than a year ago. 91 people died in crashes in Calif. during the same period, nearly double the 58 killed last year. There were also more DUI arrests statewide, 1,057 alcohol-related arrests as opposed to the 902 in 2016.

The Broadband Alliance looking for more input on their telecommunications outage internet survey. The Alliance says they’ve received 475 responses from 25 of the 28 zip codes they want response from. Anyone in the three-county area of Napa, Mendocino and Sonoma can answer about whether or not they were without telecommunications during the Northern Calif. wildfires in October. The survey has 41 questions and takes about ten minutes to get thru. The Alliance looking to document outages to share with the Board of Supervisors, the Office of Emergency Services, the sheriff, and other elected officials, along with the California Public Utilities Commission.

The link to the survey can be found at

A text has reportedly been sent to students at Humboldt State University about a possible sexual battery on campus. The alert last night about 10:35 p.m. telling students and staffers about the attack by the Science A building, apparently in the middle of the school. They also described the suspect as being more than 6 feet tall, around 25-30 years old, and wearing a brown hoodie and pajama bottoms.

No power to a couple thousand PG&E customers in the Humboldt area. As many as 2,000 losing their electricity yesterday afternoon. First about 400 people were in the dark, then another 1500 customers were intentionally de-energized while the utility investigated. They expected to have the power back on for the 1,500 they intentionally turned off last night, and the rest soon after.

Another death related to the October fires in Santa Rosa. The Press Democrat reports 41 year old Michel Azarian died from severe burns he got running from his home in Mark West Springs during the Tubbs Fire. That brings the total number of dead to 44 from last month’s devastating wildfires across Northern Calif. Coroner officials in Sonoma County and Sacramento County confirmed Azarian’s death at UC Davis Medical Center. He’s the 24th person to die in Sonoma County. He had been found the morning of October 9th by a neighbor who heard him crying for help in a heavily forested area.

The people who run many of California’s counties are speaking out against the tax bill about to go up for a vote in the U-S Senate. They say they’re worried it will cut important deductions and force them to cut services or raise taxes or fees to compensate. They’re meeting in Sacramento today for the 123rd annual conference of the California State Association of Counties. Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt says the recent wildfires devastated his area, so the last thing people need is to pay more taxes.

Cut 14345 :10 "For my county, where we just lost 5,100 homes, people are struggling to rebuild their lives, let alone their homes. They’re going to be paying higher taxes on top of that."

Tag: The Senate bill proposes to eliminate the state and local tax deduction, which allows people who itemize to deduct what they pay in state and local taxes from their federal returns. Economists say people are more likely to accept state and local taxes if they can deduct them, and could rebel against them if they cannot.


Second Cut: Rabbitt says eliminating the so-called SALT deduction could cause a cash crunch for counties, which are required to provide certain services regardless of how much revenue they’re collecting. Plus, he says eliminating the deduction amounts to double taxation.

Cut 15345 :11 "People are already paying taxes, and then their taxes get taxed. And unfortunately, it looks like it’s really aimed primarily at California – but at those states that perhaps didn’t endorse the current administration."

Tag 1: County execs say they’re also opposed to changes that affect the types of bonds cities and counties use to pay for infrastructure projects such as airports, hospitals and affordable housing.

A man police say stole a $300,000 Ferrari from a car dealer in Orange County has been caught after he asked for money to buy gas at a Mobil Station in Santa Ana. The car left at the Ferrari and Maserati of Newport Beach service center in Costa Mesa. Eadweard York’s girlfriend owned the vehicle. He told KTLA TV they took the car for servicing and when they went to pick it up, it wasn’t there and they were told it had been stolen the day before. It was found two weeks later at the gas station and it was damaged. The thief was approached at the gas station after he asked money from random people for gas and didn’t seem to know how to put gas in the car. Israel Perez Rangel has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of vehicle theft and grand theft auto and vandalism.

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