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Ukiah Police have confirmed one person was found dead after a shoot out with police Thursday night at a motel. It reportedly began as a hostage situation that turned into a standoff between police and armed suspects around 8:00pm at the Sunrise Inn. The Press Democrat reports SWAT and officers from different law enforcement agencies responded including a Sonoma County detective who was reportedly involved in the shooting. Officials say police started firing after a man leveled a gun at officers. The man was captured; a woman was found dead in the motel. The incident is being investigated by the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office.

A Willits man has been arrested for DUI in relation to a Thursday accident that closed Main Street from Mendocino Avenue to Commercial Street. Willits Police say around 8:30pm they got several calls regarding a collision between a car and a pick-up truck. Police determined the driver of the car, Brandon Ray Johnson, was driving under the influence of alcohol. He was also charged with driving on a suspended license and probation violation.

If you own a small business that was shut down due to damage from the October fires, your local Rotary Club wants to help. They have a fund to grant up to $5,000 to help almost any small business get back up and running again. It’s a joint effort of Rotary Clubs in our North State counties and of hundreds of local Rotary members. You can apply by email to larca5310 And if you’d like to help, they are also seeking donations.

The Manager of Lake Mendocino Mobile Estates has met with residents who’d been complaining to local government officials about hikes in rent and fees. Robert Ridino, president and CEO of SAR Enterprises, recently announced rent increases of as much 17 percent and that water and sewage payments, which used to be part of the rent, would now be separate and paid by residents. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports more than 60 residents came to the meeting Wednesday concerned also about a lack of maintenance to the property. Redino acknowledged he could have announced the rent news better, and also pledged maintenance improvements.

The Lake County sheriff has finalized the findings in the August death of deputy Rob Rumfelt, who was killed after crashing his patrol SUV after responding to a domestic violence call in Lakeport. Sheriff Brian Martin told Lake County News that a medical examiner concluded that Deputy Rumfelt suffered sudden cardiac death 30 minutes after a stressful physical encounter, subduing suspect Alex Castillo. The autopsy found Rumfelt had a broken neck, likely from the crash, which was caused by the heart attack. As for whether it was accidental or could be considered homicide if the heart attack was the result of the arrest, Martin said he had to settle on a finding of “could not be determined.” The DA announced earlier this month that he’d ultimately decided not to charge Castillo with manslaughter because he didn’t believe he could convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Castillo was directly responsible.

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