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Mendocino County says fire survivors who get a California Preliminary Notice from a subcontractor working on fire debris cleanup should not pay any contractor directly. The County Executive Office says this type of notice is typically filed as part of the California Civil Code to preserve the contractor’s right to file what’s called a “mechanic’s lien” against a property if they don’t get paid. But for the fire cleanup, this notice is not a lien or a bill, and there is no reason to anticipate any liens will be filed on any properties being cleaned up by the US Army Corps of Engineers, as the Corps will directly pay the contractors. If you have questions or get more of these notices, contact the Mendocino County Fire Recovery Team in the Executive Office at 707-463-4441 or by email ceo.

There’s been an arrest on drugs and weapons charges after a fight between a man and woman last weekend in Laytonville. The two were seen fighting along Hwy 101 Saturday afternoon with a witness calling police describing them both and saying they were walking off in different directions. A CHP officer spotted the man at Branscomb Road and ID’s him as Martin Curran. The officer found on him a loaded gun that had been reported stolen 8 years ago in Bakersfield, as well as a knife and a small bag of meth. Mendocino Deputies arrived and took custody of Curran but didn’t find the woman and she has not contacted them.

California is Opting In to a nationwide public-safety broadband network deployment plan offered by the First Responders Network Authority, called FirstNet, to deliver a wireless broadband network to California’s public safety communities. The Cal OES Director announced today that Governor Jerry Brown approved the Opt In, saying, though, while significant progress has been made on it, more work is needed for FirstNet to ultimately be successful in providing a durable public safety communications network. Under the law that established FirstNet, governors in all 56 states and territories had the choice to Opt In, which means allowing FirstNet provider AT&T to build an LTE radio access network across the state, or Opt Out, which would require the state to build and maintain the network itself.

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