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We have a Flash Flood Watch in effect through Tuesday morning for the Sulphur Fire Burn Area and officials are also advising caution in the Redwood Valley Burn Scar. The National Weather Service says floods and debris flows will be a threat for severely burned areas as we could get up to 2-3 inches of rain, and more in some areas, and the rainfall rates at sometimes a half-inch-per-hour with some burn areas no longer able to absorb rainfall. Meanwhile in Southern California, about 21,000 people have been evacuated due to the threat of landslides in the burn areas of California’s largest-ever wildfire near Santa Barbara.

Fort Bragg Police are warning of a sophisticated nationwide payroll check fraud scheme that is operating locally. Over the course of the last two months, they’ve gotten reports of the payroll fraud at a local business and a local non-profit. They say the scam starts with employees releasing their online bank account information to someone in order to get what they think are regular payments with a small fee going to the scammer and typically done through an app. But the deposits then come from fraudulent payroll checks from other victimized businesses. So they not only get your money and your banking information, they also get real payroll accounts to steal from other businesses and keep the cycle going. Employers are encouraged to educate employees to watch for the scam, and to watch your accounting and payroll systems and withdrawals closely.

Weapons and drugs have been found on a guy stopped for allegedly stealing a bicycle. On Friday a Fort Bragg police officer stopped Alan Dicello on a bike to ask him about a bike theft from a few weeks ago. The cop noted that Dicello had a children’s aluminum baseball bat with him, so he did a pat-down for other weapons and found what’s called a “punch knife” concealed in his back pocket. He was arrested for Possession of a Concealed Dagger but the officer also searched Dicello’s backpack and found a meth pipe and some meth. Fort Bragg Police remind you that you can carry a fixed-blade knife openly displayed, or you can conceal a folding knife, but you can’t carry a concealed knife with the blade in an already locked or open position.


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