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An elderly couple from Lake County already busted once for having a bunch of marijuana they said were Christmas gifts, are arrested again… 80 year old Patrick Jiron and his wife, 70 year old Barbara, arrested on the same road in Nebraska, I-80. But this time the pair were passengers in a truck that had been stopped on suspicion of following another car too close. The arresting officer searched the truck and found a bag with $18,000 cash, a big garbage bag with marijuana residue in it and notes they say looked to be a record of marijuana sales. The driver wasn’t arrested, just given a warning, but the Jirons were out of jail on bond, and were busted again. Cops had previously said when the Jirons were arrested December 19th they told them they didn’t know if was illegal to carry pot across state lines. Apparently their son is a prosecutor in Vermont…

A nonprofit that looks to watch over Redwood trees is offering free passes to nearly 50 state parks monthly. For their 100th anniversary, Save the Redwoods League has passes for 47 redwood state parks they will give out for the second Saturday of every month of this year. The passes for this Saturday are gone, they were offered on Monday via the website, They’ve got about 16,000 passes for day-use admission and parking fees for parks across the state including eight in Sonoma County and eleven in Mendocino County. The league says over 30 million people visit redwood parks a year.

A new Senate leader is taking over in Sacramento and makes history. The first female and first lesbian leader for the chamber, Sen. Toni Atkins takes over March 21st. Atkins is a Democrat from San Diego who will be the next president pro tem after Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles was barred because of term limits, instead, he’s running for U.S. Senate. Atkins has to be elected formally by the Senate, but apparently already has the majority party’s unanimous support. She’s been a state lawmaker since 2010, and was an Assembly speaker and health care executive before that.

More flu-related deaths have been reported in the state this year. Now health officials say the flu this year may be more serious than in years past. There’ve been 27 flu-related deaths in the state of those under 65 years old, normally there are only about three or four a year under 65 who die from the illness. The chief of California’s division of communicable disease control says the flu season started a month earlier than normal too. He also says it’s too early to know if the season will then peak earlier too. After those deaths, health officials urging state residents to get their flu vaccinations, saying about 70 percent of those who died didn’t get flu shots.

One lane of the 101 in northern Mendocino County near Leggett had to be closed for several hours after a logging truck overturned. The CHP reports closing the lane for more than four hours yesterday during morning rush hour after the driver came off the highway and hit the concrete railing, then a power pole. The accident on the northbound side of the highway yesterday about 5 AM. The truck, that was hauling logs, turned and spilled the load and blocked the northbound lane. The driver apparently had minor injuries but declined going to the hospital.

Certain visitors are not being allowed into Mendocino Coast District Hospital during flu season because of an increase in flu cases and flu-like symptoms. So no visitors at all under the age of 14, or those with flu-like symptoms, which of course, include fever, cough, a sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches and the chills or nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. They’ll also require anyone going to the hospital with one or more of the symptoms to wear a mask and wash their hands.

The Superintendent of Schools in the Mendocino County School District is resigning. Warren Galletti has run the schools for 3 years. He was elected in November of 2014 and his first term started in January of 2015. So now the Board of Education is looking for his replacement as the Interim County Superintendent starting next month, until the end of the year. Those interested are encouraged to send a letter of interest to the attention of Becky Jeffries to the Board office in Ukiah or to email her before next Wednesday, January 17th.

Mendocino County Board of Education

2240 Old River Road, Ukiah, CA 95482

Email: bjeffries or 707-467-5030

Explain your interest and qualifications, with experience, talents, education and skills.

State Senator Mike McGuire has a meeting on the new Federal Tax Bill. McGuire’s also the Chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee. McGuire saying those who are the wealthiest in the country have something to celebrate with the new law, but middle class and low income Californians, not so much, because it will cut health insurance for more than one and a half million in the state, add a trillion to the national debt, take away a deduction for wildfires, unless they’re declared a federal disaster and much more. The meeting today, called, “A Preview of Federal Tax Reform: What it Means for California’s 99%” —after some other bills at 9:30 a.m. at the State Capitol in Room 112. You can also live stream it at

A new idea to use drones to carry emergency blood supplies thru Palo Alto if allowed by the federal government as part of an experiment. Stanford Blood Center and drone manufacturer Matternet out of Menlo Park being considered for the plan to use drones to bring blood to Stanford Medical Center during shortages. Apparently the Federal Aviation Administration is looking for trial drone projects and will sponsor five of them across the country thru public partnerships and private drone companies.

In a win for Calif., a District Court Judge in Northern Calif. votes to block the Trump Administration from rolling back protections for Dreamers. The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra along with the attorneys general for Maine, Maryland and Minnesota, along with the University of California, individual Dreamers and others in a massive action get a preliminary injunction regarding an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. Now the Trump Administration is blocked from rescinding the Obama policy… for now. The court saying California’s case was strong because there would be immediate harm and prohibiting the action serves the public interest.

Police on the lookout for a man who didn’t show up to court for an alleged burglary and for having prior strikes against his record. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Wednesday Facebook notice for Andrew Martinez of Ukiah who’s WANTED on $165,000 BAIL. He’s described as 28 years old, 5 foot 10, 180 pounds with Brown Hair and Blue Eyes. They’re asking anyone who may know him or have seen him to call the Sheriff’s Dept. His picture is posted on the department’s Facebook page.

A woman who no longer wanted her, what looked to be, used, Christmas tree, hauls it to a Costco for a refund. The unidentified woman who’s face is blocked off in a post to Facebook, seen at the returns counter of a Costco store and apparently gets the refund. A comedian says he saw it on a neighborhood group, so he took the picture and posted it to his own Facebook, then to a photo sharing social media site too, garnering more than 115 thousand likes and scores of comments. The post was removed from the neighborhood group, but as we’ve learned… screenshots live on. You can find it on Bored Panda.


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