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A state legislator is getting some negative feedback on a measure he wants to get passed to make it illegal for servers at restaurants to offer plastic straws in drinks unless customers ask. Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon put the bill forward so that unsolicited straw-giving is a misdemeanor with up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine possible. But the Assemblyman says it could be amended so there are no penalties. It’s for sit-down restaurants, not bars or fast-food joints. Some say it’s government overreach. But Calderon says it’s serious, and would potentially reduce environmental damage from massive amounts of plastic in U.S. landfills, waterways and the ocean every year.

Shark attacks on the rise on the West Coast. A new report from the Shark Research Committee says they recorded nine unprovoked attacks last year with eight in California and one in Washington, which is up from five a year before. There were no deaths from the bites, though, the report shows most of the attacks were probably by great white sharks. One attack last March was caught on video. That was a great white that attacked a kayak in Monterey Bay. The kayaker went into the water. The report shows kayakers were on the top of the target list because sharks could see them as intruders and try getting them out of the area.

The new crop report in Lake County shows salvage timber from the recent wildfires brings the value up. Lake Co News reports the 2016 Crop Report was finished last month showing Lake County’s agriculture valuation at nearly $114 million, which is the highest ever. And a 12-percent increase from 2015. The valuation up due to an increase in the worth of winegrapes and timber. The report shows grapes on the rise, pears staying steady and walnuts on the down swing. The winegrapes worth, at more than $78 million dollars, up 24 percent from a year before. Pears at just under $21 million, down 21 percent and walnuts at about 3 and a half million dollars, off 32 percent. But timber was way up, a 17,223 percent increase, going from around $28,000 in 2015 to $5 million last year because of all the salvage logging from wildfires. The full crop report is posted at Lake Co News dot com.

A special meeting’s planned by the Clearlake Planning Commission for a new daycare use permit application. The commission’s meeting tomorrow night for the Maribel S. Aguilar Daycare Center. The family daycare is looking to expand from what they’re allowed right now, eight or less children, to up to 14 kids. They’re inside a 5,000 square foot home in the 16-thousand block of 39th Avenue.

A couple of people from Oakland have been arrested in Clearlake on weapons charges, including stolen weapons. Police report Quintin Celestine and Ashley Bell arrested last Wednesday night after an argument between them near the Walmart parking lot. Cops quickly arrested Celestine and the woman, was yelling at cops at a bus stop so she was detained too. Police say they searched her camouflage backpack after seeing a sawed off firearm sticking out of it. And say she would not put the firearm down so cops charged her with several crimes and took the loaded firearm from her. The two are charged with crimes including carrying a loaded firearm, carrying a loaded stolen firearm, possession of stolen property, obstructing a peace officer and for warrants out of Oakland.

Mendocino County could be making a change for state of emergency systems. The County CEO Carmel Angelo telling the Board of Supervisors the way the current model is set up for state for emergency delivery systems didn’t work as providers were also working in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa during the October fires. Angelo reaching out to Sonoma’s Coastal Valley EMS to come up with other ideas and have a change in place by the end of the year. She says she’s not sure if there are even enough resources in place for emergency needs in the county. She’s also going to be meeting with the state emergency services authority for ideas including possibly working with another agency, have a standalone local authority or some sort of hybrid situation with local medical and fire authorities.

The community is still fundraising for the Shepherd family who lost their two children in the Redwood Valley Fire last October. The Daily Journal reports friends are raising money for Sara and Jon Shepherd who were also severely injured by the fire and are still recovering. On Saturday, friends were selling window stickers, bracelets and T-shirts at Safeway with money going to a Redwood Credit Union account then distributed to the Shepherds. They’ve raised about $3,300 thru this effort so far. Another fund, Holding up Hope for Sara and Jon raised nearly a quarter million dollars so far. fundraising/holding-up-hope-for-the-shepherds.

Don’t be alarmed if you’re signed up for the Nixle alerts. Tomorrow at 10-AM, the Lake Co. Sheriff’s Dept. is sending an “All-Call” alert just to make sure the system is working right and they can reach as many residents in the county as possible. The alerts go out to landlines, cell phones, text messages, and emails. The Sheriff’s Dept. wants as many people as possible to send their contact info to the system, including all phone numbers and email addresses so you can be reached in an emergency. The Sheriff says by using Nixle, they can streamline the process and make notifications to citizens more efficient when there are actual emergencies including imminent threats. For more info, visit the website and enter your information, or make sure a family​ member​ or friend has all your information in case you don’t have internet access.

A new state program will allow those living in mobile homes to waive back taxes and register where they live. The state Department of Housing and Community Development is helping some residents in Northern Calif. navigate the process. The state saying there’s as many as a half million mobile home residents without the proper paperwork. Some folks, they say, don’t even know it’s necessary. But if you don’t have the proper title, you may not be able to get insurance, leave property to heirs, or protect it if you get evicted. So far the state’s reached out to more than 1,000 mobile home owners, waiving as much as $400,000 in fees since starting the program last year. For more info, visit our website or Facebook page. (800) 952-8356. Operators are available for all languages.

The Ukiah Unified School Board working on converting Redwood Valley Elementary into a space for new housing and a community center. The Daily Journal reports the board agreed to turn the school into surplus at their meeting last month. So this month they started the work necessary to put the idea into action. They’ve met with folks from the County of Mendocino, Housing and Urban Development, FEMA and LACO Associates regarding the feasibility study they prepared for a possible apartment complex in the space. The school superintendent says the site could be put to better use as a housing site, and they’re excited to help make it happen. School district staff is working with lawyers to move forward with either selling, leasing or developing the site for housing.

A man in Iceland who didn’t want to pay for luggage fees, didn’t get to London after all. Ryan Williams turned away for wearing eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts so he didn’t have to pay for excess luggage. He was refused a boarding pass after not being able to fit all the extra clothes in his checked luggage. He posted the whole thing on social media threatening British Airways with a lawsuit, in the most polite way possible. He tweeted he was refused 2 flights in 2 days for no valid reason. But apparently the pilot and ground crew say he’s already been given a full refund the day before his second flight. So he said, see you in court.

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