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A Fort Bragg man with a history of DUI has been arrested on suspicion of doing it again, this time at nearly three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. Police pulled Patrick Branin over Tuesday evening on South Harold Street after someone reported a possible drunken driver in the area. Officers say they saw Branin driving and recognized signs of alcohol impairment after pulling him over. Branin was already on probation from a prior DUI that prohibited him from driving with any amount of alcohol in his system but police say one of the Branin’s breath tests showed him at .23%. Fort Bragg Police thank the citizen who reported his erratic driving.

Mendocino Brewing Co.’s Ukiah brewery has reportedly stopped production and laid off sales staff. The brewery closed its Ukiah Taproom January 13 and the company’s Saratoga Brewing Co. subsidiary in New York closed earlier this month. Mendocino Brewing Co. has not made a public statement but a spokesperson for Columbia Distributing tells the Press Democrat they are no longer distributing of Mendocino Brewing’s beer.

An Animal Control Ad Hoc Committee is being formed to help Clearlake grapple with strays. The Clearlake City Council has approved the creation of the committee to work on reducing the number of abandoned animals and creating a new place to house strays. The Mayor and council would like to hear from people with concrete suggestions and varied experiences. All Clearlake residents with knowledge, experience, or connections with animal rescue operations are encouraged to apply. Applications are now available at City Hall or online at the city website: The deadline to apply is February 8.

The Clearlake City Council is holding a special meeting today to discuss an urgency cannabis ordinance. The urgency ordinance would extend a moratorium on commercial cannabis cultivation businesses west of Highway 53. The council first implemented the moratorium in December due to unclear language in an ordinance governing commercial cannabis activities that were approved in the fall. Lake County News reports the mayor at the time said the intent had been to encourage retail, resorts and tourism on the west side of the highway with the east side available for cultivation but the unclear language of the ordinance could be interpreted as allowing cultivation on both sides of the highway. The city is working to update the main ordinance to clarifying that and other issues. The council’s open session will meet at 6 p.m. They will also be discussing the next steps in finding a new police chief, possibly hiring a search consultant for around $24,000. There is also a closed session at 530pm to discuss some potential litigation.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is asking your help finding a man wanted on an attempted murder charge. The $350,000 bail warrant for Fernando Macias also lists several firearm charges. He is 34 years old, 5’5” and 180 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. You can see his picture on the Mendocino Sheriff Facebook Page. He was last known to be in Fort Bragg. If you have any information which could lead to his arrest, contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Fort Bragg Police have busted two men for possession of stolen mail and are asking anyone in Fort Bragg who thinks they’ve had mail stolen to contact them. The suspects Elias Rutherford and Shalom Lewis were initially approached by police on a report they were doing heroin in a car around 1am January 23rtd at the corner of East Redwood Avenue and North McPherson Street. Both were also on probation so officers searched the car and found heroin, drug paraphernalia, and several stolen checks. After contacting all of the owners of the checks, the officers determined that the items had been stolen from various mailboxes in December. The men were booked on suspicion of possessing stolen mail, opiates and drug paraphernalia.

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