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Route 175 will be closed over the Hopland Grade Wednesday and Thursday, February 7 and 8, from 7am to 7pm, so crews can remove a tractor-trailer rig damaged in a collision last week. The damaged trailer has to be unloaded of about 30,000 empty glass wine bottles before the trucking company and the recovery contractor can remove it from the hillside. The closure is from Buckman Drive, 4 miles east of the 101 junction, to the Lake/Mendocino County line.

The Commander of the Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force is warning about the dangers of cannabis extraction labs after two recent fires in Mendocino County. Darren Brewster tells the Ukiah Daily Journal he is releasing more details than usual regarding a couple of ongoing investigations because he wants the public to understand the dangers in the process of extracting THC from marijuana plants using flammable gases. He says a Friday night explosion and fire at a barn on Mendocino Pass Road was started by a large extraction operation using ethyl alcohol. One woman was badly burned and remains in an out-of-county hospital. A few days earlier in Willits there was an explosion at a Butane Honey Oil lab near a home on Poppy Drive. The Brooktrails Fire Department said that one sent flames shooting 30 feet into the trees and had it been summer could have started a wildfire. The Commander says such labs are not legal in Mendocino County and he urges residents to report anything suspicious. So far there are no suspects in either incident.

A Humboldt County woman listed as a missing person has been found – as a contestant on a reality TV show. Rebekah Martinez was reported missing by her mother in early November after she said she was going to work on a marijuana farm and was never heard from again. The Press Democrat reports Martinez was one of 35 people featured in a recent North Coast Journal article about Humboldt County having a high number of missing persons. Several people responded to the article on social media saying they’d just seen her as a contestant on “The Bachelor.” Once the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office got word of it they contacted Martinez over the phone and confirmed that she was not missing.


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