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The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has a warrant out for a woman from Ukiah. On the department’s Warrant Wednesday Facebook post, they list that they’re looking for Elly Martini for several crimes including, using someone else’s identification, car theft and failing to appear in court. Her picture is on the Facebook post, but she’s further described as being 39 years old, 5 foot 2, with Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes, weighing about 120 lbs. The department asking anyone who may know her to call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

The public’s invited to the Mendocino County Science Fair. The fair is Saturday, March 10th at the Mendocino College Gym in Ukiah. There you will see kids in 3rd thru 12th grades who earned top scores for science projects at school and district science fairs from around the county competing. Then the top 10 6th thru 12th graders will go on to the state science fair in April at the California Science Center, Exposition Park in Los Angeles. They’re looking for submissions in several categories including Zoology, Microbiology, Behavior and Social Sciences and Mathematics, Astronomy and many other areas too, like Engineering. They’re also looking for volunteers to help and to judge.

To judge, visit To volunteer, visit

A controlled burn is planned near Covelo by the Mendocino Cal Fire unit. If you see smoke tomorrow morning, it’s for a vegetation management control burn in Dos Rios, near Highway 162. Smoke may be visible East of Highway 101, West of Covelo. It’s part of the Vegetation Management Program to​
reintroduce fire as a natural element of the ecosystem and improve wildlife habitat. They’re also of course looking to reduce potential wildfire fuels. The burn will happen, weather permitting. There will be firefighters on hand to control the situation.

State Senator Mike McGuire says he’s working on a bipartisan resolution against the Trump administration’s proposal for more offshore oil leases on the Calif. coast. It comes after the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced nearly all of the Outer Continental Shelf would be open for possible oil and gas lease sales as part of the President’s energy plans. That includes having about six leases available off the coast of California, the first sale of its kind in the Pacific Region since 1984. There’s only one public hearing for the whole state of California which is this Thursday in Sacramento. McGuire says it’s a total giveaway to the President’s “buds in Big Oil”. He says the state will fight back in court if need be, and “ultimately at the ballot box”.

A lawyer in Humboldt County says he’s considering suing claiming there were illegal changes to the County’s marijuana cultivation tax last year. Eugene Denson of Alderpoint, which is just outside of Garberville, claims the original version of the county’s cannabis cultivation tax which was known as Measure S on the ballot in November 2016, used the total area being use to grow, then pro-rated the tax for the time of cultivation. But he says now the Board of Supervisors changed it, illegally, using an area for cultivation for taxing, whether there’s pot growing on the entire area or not. He says he wants the county to repeal the tax code back to its original language or he’ll sue.

Not as good as the first year for the new downtown skating rink in Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports staff for the city predicting profits in the second year were a lot lower than the first. The info collected by staff to be presented at the city council meeting tonight. The rink did bring in more in ticket sales, but only reported making about $3,400 this year, as opposed to $17,000 last year. But the Deputy City Manager says the lower profits had been predicted by staff last year. The city also got about $20,000 less from sponsors the second year and spent as much as $13,000 more on staffing and $7,000 more on supplies.

The City of Clearlake says no, it’s not going to refund assessments it got from a county Tax Defaulted Sale of Property. Apparently it’s in the Clearlake Municipal Code, no authority for refunds, unless the city council’s willing to change existing laws. So the city council is looking instead at potential impacts if they have to. It depends on the amount of money properties are sold for. In turn that effects various departments dependent on the money and if there’s penalties, liens and assessments. But the mayor says he wants to see folks get their money back so more people are encouraged to keep investing in the city.

A man accused of killing his dad and a friend and shooting others last October will not face the death penalty. Lake Co News reports the D-A will not seek the death penalty for Alan Leroy Ashmore of Clearlake Oaks who’s facing more than 20 crimes including murder, a gas station robbery, two wildfires and several special allegations. The D-A told the news site, Ashmore’s an old man with little criminal background before the shooting death of his 85 year old dad, Douglas, his longtime friend, 64-year-old Richard Braden, and for the shooting Cantra Hoeck in the foot. Ashmore has pleaded not guilty.

Police in Lakeport warning the public about a new scam where criminals try to steal money due to a fake parking ticket. The department says they got a call earlier this week from someone who got an email saying they got a parking ticket they had to pay, with links to download the ticket or pay it online. The email said it was from the “City Police Department” but it did not come from an actual police email address. The department says it’s a scam and they never send emails related to parking ticket billing. They say if you get an email like it to not open the links and to immediately delete it. A picture of the fake ticket can be seen online at Lake Co News dot com.

Since the Lake County Treasurer-Tax Collector is short staffed, as are other county departments, public office hours will be extended. The Treasurer’s office will have the extended hours until June 30th, but​ ​
the Assessor-Recorder Office is keeping their reduced schedule for the year but say they’ll skip their lunch breaks. The Treasurer-Tax Collector had told the Board of Supervisors about long term staff shortages a while back. They’re still down one position, because of a recent retirement.

The Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force warns the public about cannabis extraction labs after two recent fires in Mendocino County. The head of the department, Darren Brewster tells the Daily Journal more details this time about their ongoing investigations because he wants the public to understand the dangers of extracting THC from marijuana plants by using flammable gases. He says a Friday night explosion and fire at a barn on Mendocino Pass Road came at a large extraction operation using ethyl alcohol. A woman was badly burned there. And a few days earlier in Willits, there was an explosion at a Butane Honey Oil lab. The Brooktrails Fire Department says it sent flames shooting 30 feet into the trees and if it were summer, it could have started a wildfire. The Commander says such labs are not legal in Mendocino County and urges residents to report anything suspicious. So far there are no suspects in either incident.​

A new bill’s been passed by the state legislature to protect whistleblowers who work for lawmakers. The staffers saying the protections are needed to make sure sexual misconduct and other behaviors can be reported without fearing there could be retaliation. The Assembly passed the bill unanimously after the Senate passed it last week after a four year delay. The Gov. Jerry Brown signed it right away so it would take effect immediately. The bill by Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez picked up steam again after an open letter regarding sexual harassment at the capitol was signed by almost 150 women. And after that two Assembly members resigned and a state senator was placed on suspension while being investigated.

A former aide to both Governor Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger is forking over several thousand dollars for not registering as a lobbyist. Susan Kennedy will pay $32,500 for a fine because she didn’t record being a lobbyist for Lyft and a Southern California water company. The Fair Political Practices Commission slapped the fine on her after she got more than $200-thousand from LYFT and the San Gabriel Water Valley Water Co.

Police in Scotland had a big oops… spending 45 minutes in a standoff with what they thought was a live tiger… and turned out to be a plush toy. Cops in Peterhead on the scene Saturday night after a local farmer called to say there was a large cat with stripes at the farm and he was afraid for his life. Several cops were sent to the farm and a wildlife park was even called to see if an animal got loose. Cops stood their ground for nearly an hour, then noticed it was actually just an oversized stuffed animal they were up against. They say the farmer was not a prankster, and was legit scared.


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