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Police say a man in Nice shot and killed by a deputy may have committed several other crimes just before the shooting. They say Jason Sienze was seen earlier acting strangely not far from where a car linked to him was found wrecked, then later he was supposedly knocking on doors and asking for money and he’s believed to have burglarized a home nearby where firearms and a pickup were stolen. And police say soon after that a man says he saw Sienze in the pickup and that he pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired. Police say he then ditched the truck and broke into a home and stole another truck but soon ran into Lake County Deputies and showed them a handgun. That’s when one of them fired several rounds from a rifle at Sienze, killing him. The deputy’s on paid leave while the investigation continues.

Thousands of people have reportedly signed a Facebook petition to block parole for Gregory Patrick Beck. Beck’s in prison for dousing his girlfriend with lighter fluid in 2001, setting her on fire and then watching her burn. Sherry Carlton died in 2016 after being confined to a hospital bed for 15 years. A state Board of Parole hearing is set for Beck for February 27 at Corcoran State Prison. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office say Deputy DA Elizabeth Norman will attend and argue the DA Office’s opposition to Beck’s parole.

A public forum’s planned by the City of Clearlake to help find a new police chief. The city hiring an outside search firm to help in the search, but first, the community’s invited to help the recruiter decide what the candidates should represent. The city manager says they want to hear from the public about the qualities they think are important for the next chief, a critical position in helping the city with the goal to make Clearlake a statistically safer city. The forum is 2 weeks from Monday, Feb. 26th at 3 p.m. at Clearlake City Hall.

A man from Willits has been busted for DUI after he lost control of his car on an exit of the 101 into Ukiah. The California Highway Patrol reports Rudolph Esquivel Jr. was in a silver Mustang driving at a high rate of speed on the exit of the southbound 101 onto East Perkins Street yesterday morning when he lost control and spun out. He did not hit anyone or any other cars. CHP officers say when they got there they found he was drunk, so they arrested him and booked him into the Mendocino County Jail.

The Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Manager is leaving the building. The Daily Journal’s reporting the board of directors got Joe Tait’s notice that he’ll be leaving in the next week or so because of a family health issue. He was living near San Diego and traveling back and forth, but the board had been discussing some changes to his compensation package, then he announced he was out. He was actually terminated in November by the previous board, but then three new board members were voted in. He had not been officially re-hired, but was serving the last days of his 180 days notice. Tait told the board he’d be willing to work part time, as needed, until they find his replacement. It comes as the board is involved in a lawsuit against the city regarding the shared wastewater treatment plant.

An inmate has died in the Contra Costa jail so deputies are trying to figure out what happened to him. The Sheriff’s office says deputies were bringing the man lunch and found the 46 year old unresponsive. They called for help from first responders who attempted CPR on him, but pronounced him dead there. The first bit of their investigation showed it may have been due to health related causes, but the D-A’s looking into the death anyway.

The Gov. has once again announced they’re reducing the size of the state’s proposed north-south water system and dumping plans for two giant water tunnels and instead will look to build only one. The governor’s office says reducing the number of tunnels could help them secure funding, plus it wouldn’t be such a strain on the environment since it would suck water directly out of the state’s largest river. The 4 story tunnel would carry water from the northern part of the state into the Los Angeles area. Prior to this water districts were against the plan because of its $16 billion dollar price tag. The state could build the second tunnel eventually, if they find money for the project.

Another sales tax could be coming to Lake County if voters agree it’s needed after a series of disasters. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously this week to have the idea put before voters this June for a 1.5-cent sales tax. The idea after a string of local disasters, including wildfires and floods, plus the growing cost of running the county itself. The county administrative officer says they’ve had a loss of property and sales tax revenue because of the recent disasters, plus the cost of services has been rising, so they’re facing an increasing revenue gap. More than 600 people showed up at town forums on the topic where they were presented with the challenges the county faces. Videos are posted on the county’s website or on the Lake County News youtube channel.

A female coyote who was wandering around rural areas near Sacramento with a plastic jar wedged onto her head for almost two weeks has been freed. Rescuers were able to catch the animal near the town of Cool and cut the jar off. The coyote was seen in Coloma last month with the jar jammed over it’s head so volunteers from Gold Country Wildlife Rescue and Sierra Wildlife Rescue were then looking for it. Then a runner saw it this week and called Gold Country and volunteers grabbed the animal. They say there were some injuries around its ears so they took it to their headquarters to heal in Auburn. It was drinking water on its own Tuesday.


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