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A travel website says Willow Creek in Humboldt County is a good place to see… Bigfoot. This is from which posted last week “20 Places Where You Could Encounter Bigfoot”, naming California the second best place. It also says there’s been as many as 437 “Sasquatch sightings” in the state. Apparently the first was in the South Lake Tahoe area, then says Willow Creek, in quote, “lush Humboldt County” is California’s “Squatchiest” county, where there’s supposedly been a few sightings, plus there’s that exhibition at the Willow Creek–China Flat Museum with all sorts of info on Bigfoot, replete with artifacts and a giant Sasquatch statue in front. Florida was third on this list with 313 Bigfoot sightings and Washington state was first with 642 sightings.

A major plunge for PG&E profits in the final quarter of 2017. During that time, the massive wildfires across Northern California. The utility bringing in $327M from operations, down nearly 52 percent from the same period a year before. The company’s costs connected to last October’s wildfires at about $82 million dollars so far. The company’s CEO says they’re working with policy makers and others to come up with solutions after the major challenges the company faces after the devastating Northern California wildfires. The company taking some heat after telling investors there would be no dividends distributed in December because the company might be liable in connection to the wildfires.

Democratic leaders and some businesses, local governments and labor companies lobbying for a new road repair bill thru a gas tax looking for millions over the next decade, but now a wrinkle in the plan. A petition drive to get this new tax and other items rolled into the package killed in a ballot initiative. Organizers say they’ve already got more than 450,000 registered voters’ signatures. They need about 200-thousand more to land the measure on the November ballot. But those who supported the original bill, SB1, which was signed into law by the Gov., say it would cost more to repeal the bill then just leaving things as they are.

A doctor in Lakeport’s been arrested in connection to the sexual assault of a co-worker. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports arresting nephrologist Mohamad Moutaz Almawaldi of Lakeport. He works for various hospitals and clinics as a referral doctor working with kidneys. The Sheriff’s office says they got a report last August from a woman who worked in his office in Lakeport and says Almawaldi kissed her without permission and pulled down her shirt. The doctor was arrested last week with bail set at $20,000 and has not made a statement so far.

New harassment allegations against a Republican candidate for governor. Travis Allen, a state Assemblyman from Orange County is named along with about a half dozen current and former lawmakers in a report released last week by the Legislature – with “substantiated” harassment claims against them from the last several years. In those documents, it alleges a woman accused Allen of regularly getting too close to her. She says he made her uncomfortable, squeezing her shoulders from behind. Allen denies the allegations, but political rivals say he should quit the race.

A new candidate for the Lake County Board of Supervisors District 3 seat. A local business owner and the Chair of the East Region Town Hall, Denise Loustalot has officially announced she’s running for Jim Steele’s seat. Loustalot and her hubby own a couple of local business and she’s the President of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce. She says her platform’s focusing on environmentally appropriate business development that preserves our quality of life.

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry gets more money to help improve the health of Clear Lake. Aguiar-Curry of Winters district includes Lake County. She’s been working on legislation to improve the Lake and now announced a $15 million grant from local propositions to help with phase one of the Middle Creek Restoration project at the north end of Clear Lake. The California Natural Resources Agency and the Department of Water Resources helped get the grant. It goes to help stop the flood risk for nearby homes, several outbuildings, and about 1,650 acres of agricultural land. It will also restore damaged habitat and work to make the watershed feeding the lake more healthy.

The CHP is looking for whoever was involved in a hit and run ending in injuries in the Clear Lake Rivieras. The accident Friday night on Fairway Drive. The passenger of the car, Charles Rose Jr. of Kelseyville was injured, but the driver took off after crashing the 2003 Ford F-350 pickup. The driver missed a curve, went off the road and down a steep embankment, hitting a big rock and rolling. The truck burst into flames and the driver ran away. The passenger was wearing a seat belt and had moderate injuries and was flown to an out of county hospital. The CHP looking for any possible witnesses to call the Clear Lake Area Office.

A business group in Sacramento wants the city council there to decide how much cannabis business should be allowed. Part of the city which is zoned commercial with lots of warehouse space has had several applications from marijuana cultivators. The city has a cannabis chief who says they’re wading thru all of the applications, nearly 170 of them so far. About half want to be in that one zone, of District 6. The District 6 councilman says he’s concerned about over saturation. The councilman and the Power Inn Alliance worried warehouse rents could go up with this high demand, so they want the city council to define how much would be too much business for one area. There’s currently a cap of 30 dispensaries in the city.

It’s been about a year exactly since about 180-thousand people had to evacuate after the Oroville Dam’s auxiliary spillway nearly failed. There’s now some legislation at the capitol looking for major changes at the Department of Water Resources, like more detailed inspections of the dam and new protocols, like looking more closely at the dam’s original design. An evacuation of those living by the dam last February 12th, a year ago yesterday, because of possible erosion of the emergency spillway and the sudden appearance of a giant crater. The agency inspects the dam once a year. So far the main spillway is repaired and other temporary fixes are in place for the winter.

A man in San Antonio, TX trying to get his 4th DUI conviction overturned saying the law in the state is discriminatory, against alcoholics. Ralph Friesenhahn in court saying the state’s driving limit of 0.08 blood-alcohol goes against folks with higher tolerances because they’re frequent drinkers, so they should be recognized as a “protected class of alcoholics”. Meaning they’d be prosecuted but wouldn’t have to prove they lost control of mental or physical abilities. The court saying, uh, no… state law doesn’t treat alcoholics unfairly and says it applies equally to all drivers. The man’s recent arrest ending in a rollover crash, he had more than 3½ times the legal limit.


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