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A man charged with child molestation has accepted a plea deal. 40 year old Michael Cruce of Willits pleaded no contest to continuous sexual abuse of a child and for a separate charge of committing sexual acts with a child 10 years of age or younger. He gets 15 years to life for the sexual conduct with a child under 10 and 6 more years for the continuous sexual abuse count, adding up to a total of 21 years to life. He gets 3 ½ more years for a separate felony and a car crash while under the influence, where his passenger was injured. All in all, he’ll be behind bars nearly 25 years. He could also end up in treatment if deemed to be a violent sexual predator. The sentencing at the beginning of May in Mendocino County Superior Court.

The state Assembly’s considering a bill for more housing near BART stations. The bill announced yesterday would mean BART would have to approve new standards for housing development and give local governments two years to change their zoning restrictions. If a city or county doesn’t fall in line, it might lose local control of projects on BART-owned land. It’s all so local governments have to allow more homes near public transportation as housing costs skyrocket and traffic congestion gets worse. The state Senate’s also considering a bill to require cities across the state to allow more apartments and condos within a half mile of transit.

Part of a street near the Lake County Jail is being renamed in memory of a fallen sheriff’s deputy. The Lake County Public Works Department got the approval for part of Hoyt Avenue near the jail out to Rumfelt Way in memory of Deputy Robert Rumfelt after the deputy died last year and the sheriff’s office made the request. Rumfelt while working an arrest in North Lakeport. The addresses on the street now are listed as Hoyt, and that won’t change. The Board of Supervisors needed to approve the move, then the Public Works Dept. can start the changes to the road names.

Top marijuana regulators in the state saying progress is being made on the new recreational business online, but there’s still work to do. The hearing, the “First 60 Days of Proposition 64” in Ukiah last week with Assemblyman Jim Wood and Sen. Mike McGuire. Back and forth about the positives and challenges of the new market. It was also noted the state’s medical and recreational cannabis market could bring more jobs and community development, plus it could also help curtail the black market, which has been environmentally destructive and at times, violent. The Daily Journal reports those at the hearing also talked about the challenges to move licenses forward. Those working in the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control say they know there’s flaws and are making changes as they become necessary.

A burglar hits the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center and the sheriff’s office is still trying to figure out who did it. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reaching out to the public to find whoever hit the center up last month. There’s surveillance footage of two people inside early in the morning, February 21st. They got away with a set of golf clubs. Also at the prep area at Meals on Wheels, they took a bunch of food and delivery bags. The Sheriff’s office asking anyone who may have info on the caper or can identify the crooks to call.

A mom and her son, from San Francisco, died in a freak accident at a Northern Calif. ski resort after being buried in snow. The Alpine County Sheriff’s Dept. reports Olga Perkovic and her 7-year-old son, Aaron were killed after getting buried in snow when they returned home from a day of skiing and a hunk of snow the size of a trailer, dumped on the roof of their vacation home, burying them. The Undersheriff says warming temperatures can cause this to happen, but says in his and the sheriff’s time on the job, they couldn’t remember that causing any deaths. The mom and son were walking back to their condo using an alternate route when they were caught by the chunk if snow.

The snow survey in Northern Calif catching up from its last one, that was dire. Still well below average even though we got that late winter storm over the weekend. The snow water equivalent is about 9 and a half inches, just 39 percent of normal for early March. The Dept. of Water Resources says it’s been a dry winter and near record dry February. So March was great so far, the department says, but they add, continued conservation is needed, along with work to strengthen California’s water supply reliability.

The state of California to fight a judge’s ruling saying the state should consider earlier parole for some sex offenders, even those convicted of raping an unconscious person. The Governor’s administration says it’s appealing an order by a Sacramento County Superior Court Judge who’s tentatively ruled prison officials have to rewrite part of parole regulations that were in a ballot measure voters passed in 2016. There will be no inmate releases during the appeal. The ballot measure allowed most state inmates to be paroled early because of overcrowding, but Governor Brown said all sex offenders were excluded. The judge in this case disagrees though, so the state’s challenging the order.

Lawyers for a senior living facility being sued because of stranded residents during the October wildfires, says the patients themselves were responsible for getting themselves out. Oakmont Senior Living responding to the suit brought by more than a dozen plaintiffs, including elderly patients and family members. Lawyers for the facility say the plaintiffs just didn’t take “adequate precautions” and are denying all charges in the suit, brought last November. Plaintiffs say Villa Capri employees abandoned them during the Tubbs Fire. The facility was totally destroyed. The residents claim they got out only because family members helped everyone out after staff left them there.

No cheese at a cheese fest. That’s what festival goers in Brighton – in the U-K – dealt with. After getting nailed by negative reviews on social media, the organizers of the Big Cheese Festival, who promised, quote, "a plethora of the finest international cheesemakers and mongers showcasing their amazing cheeses" respond. There was also supposed to be booze and comedy and local music too, but apparently the weather kept some vendors away. So festival organizers put out a statement on Facebook saying they were just as disappointed as festival goers and offered a 50% discount to next year’s event.


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