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Congressman Mike Thompson says he’s running to stay in office. The Fifth Congressional District Representative announcing he’s filed his reelection papers to represent the district that covers all of Napa County and parts of Lake, Sonoma, Solano and Contra Costa counties. Thompson says his work’s not finished and he’s honored to run again to lead the fight to make sure criminals and dangerous individuals do not get to have guns, but to still protect the Second Amendment rights those who are law-abiding firearms owners. He says he’ll also work to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and also says, as a Vietnam combat veteran, he will never stop working to support veterans and their families.

A judge sort of siding with the Trump administration on a sanctuary state suit. The judge in U-S District Court says the fed doesn’t have to immediately award a grant to the state of California which has been withheld because of the state’s sanctuary status for people here illegally. The one million dollars being held by the federal government and the state of Calif sued to get it, but the judge said no, by way of a preliminary injunction, but he also said no to the U.S. Department of Justice looking to totally dismiss the lawsuit. The judge saying, there’s quote, "weighty and novel constitutional issues" to potentially benefit from additional argument.


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