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It was a suicide pact. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says they got a report of two elderly people found dead in a car in Fort Bragg. Wolfgang and Linda Bayer of Burlingame found with gunshot wounds in the 24000 Block of Highway 20. Detectives called to the scene say it didn’t appear to be a homicide, then later, it was found the two had sent a letter to a relative before they headed to Mendocino County. The couple apparently had serious medical problems and financial difficulties. Deputies say after investigating the scene and speaking to family members about the case, it seems the couple had planned the suicide and that no other person was involved.

The audience at the recent Lake County Board of Supervisors meeting breaks out in applause after the first reading of the Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance was read out loud Tuesday. It was a 3 to 1 vote after a good chunk of language in the ordinance was removed, then brought back to the board by the Community Development Department. The second reading will be next week with recommended changes including odor regulations along with air quality, tree removal restrictions and zoning, where gardens can be located, acreage they can be kept on and of course, location. There may be other changes coming too.

A man from Oakland is has pleaded not guilty to the shooting death of another man about a year and a half ago in Clearlake. David Alex Ward’s being held on no bail for several crimes, including murder, attempted murder, robbery and felon in possession of a firearm in connection to the death of Brandon McAfee in November of 2016. Clearlake police say Ward and another man were armed with an automatic weapon and went to a home demanding everyone get down on the ground. The victim was one of those in the home, who cops say refused demands and there was a struggle. A gun went off and McAfee was hit in the chest. The other suspect got away. Police say it may have been a marijuana deal gone bad.

A man from Texas wanted for arson in Lakeport has a warrant out for his arrest for not getting to court revoked. Court papers say Timothy Cofer didn’t show up at the preliminary hearing last month so a $200,000 bench warrant was issued, but then family members were there on his behalf and a bail bondsman said Cofer’s absence was excusable. So the court recalled the warrant, but Cofer’s still charged with arson and possession of a controlled substance for the incident in January at a hotel room where a fire broke out. No word on why his bail was allowed to stand without him in court. He is set to be arraigned though, March 27th.

An elderly man from Kelseyville has been arrested for child molestation. 84 year old Robin Clark Harris held on $400,000 bail after being charged with several counts of sexual conduct with a child under 14 years and contact with a person under 16 years. He was arrested last August after being accused of giving one of the kids booze and cigarettes in exchange for sex. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says he was a foster parent to the victim when it happened. He was also a school teacher in Lake County classrooms since 1963.

PG& E raises electricity bills, but gas bills were lower, so overall, bills were down for the first time in a while. At the beginning of the month customers had higher electric charges but it was offset by lower gas pricing and a credit to fight climate change. PG& E bills have been consistently going up over the last several years, so even with this small decline, combined gas and electricity bills were still higher than two years ago, by more than 18.5%.

Clearlake’s getting ready for a new park design at Austin Park. The city council’s preparing to vote on awarding the design project this week to the firm Design Workshop for under a quarter million dollars. The council’s also going to give the city manager a performance evaluation behind closed doors before their regular meeting tomorrow. Also they’ll consider road project purchases at more than a half million dollars, using Measure V sales tax funds. The city is looking to buy several items including a gas dump truck, a trailer-vactor, and a newer used grader/loader.

A mountain lion reportedly spotted in Lakeport. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports getting calls about the animal yesterday in the 2500 block of Hartley Street, outside of Lakeport city limits. The dept. says the report was that a lion looked to be going after a deer, then ran when it saw a human. This comes after four reports of mountain lion sightings last year. The Sheriff telling the city council the animal was reported to them by a Fish and Wildlife investigator because it wasn’t far from a school where others were seen before. The Sheriff urging residents to be aware and stay vigilant. They also notified the school superintendent about the sighting.

There’s a replacement for one of the directors for the Brooktrails Township Board. Tim Ramming is leaving and three people were interviewed by an ad hoc committee to replace him. The board interviewed the three at the meeting last week. Someone needed to be in place by March 10th. The board decided on 20 year resident Tiny Tyler O’Shea for the spot and she was unanimously approved. Her experience includes being a staff representative in the county’s Health and Human Services Advisory Board from 2013-14 and as General Manager for the Mendocino County Roller Derby Board of Directors.

The U-S Justice Department is suing California for its sanctuary state status. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions making the announcement saying the state’s interfering with federal immigration activities. Sessions was supposed to make an official announcement in Sacramento this morning. The lawsuit looking for the state’s immigration laws to be tossed. One of them barring cops from asking anyone about their immigration status or helping with federal enforcement activities, and another which prohibits employers from allowing immigration officials into work spaces or to look at employee files without a warrant or subpoena.

Cops on the lookout for a man they say carjacked then abandoned a truck near Hopland. The CHP working with deputies in Mendocino County, after a report a man wearing a bandanna over his face used a firearm when he stole the pickup in Ukiah. They say he then led them on a high-speed chase south on Highway 101, sometimes hitting 100 mph, but then he turned and got away off a side road south of Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino. Police then found the truck about an hour later and footprints leading to a creek. The man seen in a black hat, brown jacket and light blue pants. A couple CHP choppers checking the area to no avail. They called off the search as it got dark.

More than 30 wine businesses in Napa and Sonoma County get visits from federal and state agents as part of an investigation into illegal trade and consignment sales. The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control went to wineries and distributors as part of the investigation. Apparently several million dollars being spent to find illegal trade in booze sales after similar investigations in Miami and Chicago. Those turned up “pay-to-play” situations where suppliers or wholesalers were found to be offering incentives for retailers so they’d sell their booze.

A man in Arkansas busted after cops find drugs, guns and cash, because Facebook. Sheriff’s deputies say Andy Tacker was posting items for sale on social media. It all started when a stolen gun was sold to a local pawn shop and Tacker was id’d as the seller. The Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office says he also posted pictures online of guns, drugs, and money. His Facebook profile apparently showed guns for sale, like rifles and 30-round magazines. Cops also found drugs, drug paraphernalia used for meth, marijuana, and more than $500 cash.


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