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A former Ukiah Valley Fire District Chief is back, but in a different capacity. Dan Grebil is on board to help with the merging of the fire district with the City of Ukiah Fire Department. The City Manager Sage Sangiacomo says the position is as a consultant, at will and will be in a leadership role and lend support with fire and dispatch-related contracts. He’s making about 67 dollars an hour but won’t get other benefits and he will have a cap of no more than 960 hours a year. Grebil was the chief of the fire department until March of 2012 when he left to be the chief of the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District.

City leaders in Ukiah considering an update to the regulations in place already for medical marijuana dispensaries so recreational use can be included. The meeting tonight with the city council where the council’s ad-hoc committee on marijuana, with the Vice-Mayor Maureen Mulheren and Council member Jim Brown are reportedly proposing add retail sales of recreational weed for adults to the regulations already agreed to for retail sales of medical cannabis. They say to regulate retail cannabis is preferable to the black market and that it could help bring in money and jobs to the city. The meeting tonight at 6 in City Council chambers…


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