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A few structure fires starting in chimneys in Fort Bragg had firefighters on their toes. The fire department gets a call for three fires between Feb. 26th and 28th. The fires in the 3000 block of Old Willits Road, the 32000 block of Hare Creek Road and the 100 block of Oak Street. The Old Willits Rd. fire was first in the chimney, but flying embers landed on the wooden roof. The fire dept. says they quickly responded and the damage was minimal. But over on Hare Creek, another chimney fire got onto the roof and into the attic and started to burn the frame of the home while the resident was asleep. Someone noticed and called 911. Then the last fire, also starting in the chimney, burned much of the roof. The fire dept. urging residents to check their chimneys to make sure they’re clean and to also make sure their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working.

Another plan for the old Fort Bragg Mill Site. The City Council going over community input after workshops and meetings and came up with minor changes to the plan. The city’s held more than a dozen meetings and workshops so far on the Mill Site Reuse Plan with nearly 1,000 city and coastal residents taking part in the survey city staff drafted. The Planning Commission, City Council and community will keep working on the plan for the rezoning and reuse of the Georgia Pacific mill site. The work being paid for by a $50,000 Community Development Block Grant and a $100,000 Coastal Commission grant.

After several meetings on the matter and public outcry, it looks like there’s not going to be a Dollar General Store in Redwood Valley after all. The big box chain store got a permit to build across the street from the Redwood Valley Market, but the market owners were dead set against the plan, so they bought the land. This is the latest wrinkle in a plan for the dollar store in the area. Alex and Anthony Chehada say they purchased the property across from their business on East Road which Cross Development had received a permit to build on. The brothers appealed the decision for the store all the way to a state appeals court and they tried to buy the property several times. But Cross Development agreed this last time to sell the Chehadas the property after all and escrow closed Monday. The Mendocino County Planning and Building Department reports no record of the permit being canceled.

Mendocino County supervisors are reportedly considering putting a hold on inclusionary affordable housing. The Daily Journal reports that could impact the Vineyard Crossing development that’s in the works on Lovers Lane in Ukiah. It comes after concerns from residents about affordable housing for the development. The newspaper reports the description by the developer as saying there will be 91 residential lots for one detached single family home each, plus 32 residential flex lots which can have either or duplex or town home plus there will be accessory dwelling units. But there’s been outcry that there’s not any affordable housing included as required by state law.

Multiple road equipment purchases have been approved by the Clearlake City Council. A public hearing was held also with the council regarding public nuisances still not cleaned up. As we reported earlier this week, the council was considering spending more than a half million dollars on the road construction equipment spending about $530,000 from Measure V funds. The city council also had the public hearing last night to assess fines for failure to abate nuisances at nine properties. The council also honored councilman Russ Perdock who decided to step down so he could apply to be the next police chief.
Congressman John Garamendi coming to town for a town hall with residents. The meet up is Thursday, March 29th at 1 p.m. at the Live Oak Senior Center in Clearlake Oaks. He represents the Third Congressional District, covering about 70% of Lake County. It’s one of several town halls and senior conversations the congressman is holding locally. He will also update those attending on all things Washington D-C, including an update on fire disaster recovery for the Lake County community. There will also be caseworkers to help seniors with Social Security, Medicare and VA claims.

Lake County Supervisors say yes to a proposed 1.5 percent sales tax which will go to voters in June. It’ll be known as Measure G and requires a majority vote to pass. It would be a 10-year tax, unless extended by the voters. The County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson says if it passes it could mean as much as $4.5 million a year during the decade it’s in force. The idea after several town halls and the need for funds for Public Works, roads, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and county libraries. Those living in the unincorporated areas of the county will vote on it, those living within the incorporated areas of Lake County will not.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company doing their part to battle climate change, handing over a million dollars to the California Fire Foundation. The money to help firefighters be prepared for climate change driven disasters and fight them. The money would go to items like fire-retardant roof incentives, land-use planning, community education and grass clearing. The utility putting out a statement saying its committed to being there at every step, working to improve disaster response capabilities, helping to rebuild in the aftermath of extreme weather and natural disasters, and strengthening our communities’ resilience.

A California state senator known to many as Huggy Bear has been told to quit it. After an investigation into Senator Bob Hertzberg of Los Angeles, it came out that he was making several of his female colleagues uncomfortable. But the investigation showed the hugs by Huggy Bear or Hugsberg, as he’s been nicknamed, weren’t sexual in nature, but just unwelcome. Apparently he’s an equal opportunity hugger too, the report says, he equally hugged men and women. Thusly, the Senate Rules Committee has formally reprimanded him, telling him not to hug people anymore. And that’s that.

If staffers seem upset or need to vent, howsabout a voodoo doll? A study in the United Kingdom shows more than 12 million people have to take time off each year due to stress and anxiety due to pressure by overbearing or abusive bosses. Business experts say instead of taking time away, they should get their aggression out by using voodoo dolls. A study in the US and Canada showed by using, ‘symbolic retaliation’, workers feelings of injustice were reduced by a third. Researchers said voodoo dolls could help staff, by using a simple and harmless symbolic act of retaliation, it could make employees feel they were getting even and restoring their sense of fairness.


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