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A family member of the Yountville Mental Health Worker shooter says he told them days before the triple murder he was angry at staffers and wanted to get back at them. The Press Democrat reports Albert Wong made his way into a going away party for a Pathway Home staff member Friday with ammo around his neck and waist and took three women hostage. It happened at the Veterans Home of California where Wong had lived for a year, but was kicked out a couple weeks earlier. His brother says he was angry, but didn’t say he was going to kill anyone. Friday Wong killed the home’s executive director, a therapist and a psychologist who was pregnant. Wong, an army veteran at the home for those being treated for PTSD, also dead, after turning the gun on himself.

The Mendocino County Broadband Alliance talking about its new broadband adoption program for schools, libraries and nonprofits. On Friday the Alliance discussed the program which is being fleshed out. The Daily Journal reports the Alliance chair saying they’re trying to get the pieces together so it can be handed over to the state Public Utilities Commission along with suggestions to help match the grant program to projects the county may want help paying for. Money could be funneled to broadband infrastructure in rural and urban areas so more people could have broadband access and digital inclusion for certain demographics. The Broadband Alliance meets again May 4th in Ukiah.

Three men in Kelseyville arrested after a major marijuana dealing operation was uncovered. Mario Santiago Santos of Sacramento, Carlos Reyna of Lodi and Miguel Cruz of Fresno busted after the operation was found in two locations. Deputies along with officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife found more than 5,550 pot plants, hoop-style greenhouses, 760 pounds of processed weed and garbage and debris. They say there was also a sophisticated drying and processing station in a barn. They say the processed pot was worth about a million dollars on the street. The trio’s booked on several charges including cultivation of marijuana while discharging substance, maintaining a place for unlawfully storing or distributing controlled substance for sale, and possession of marijuana for sale.

The Lake County District Attorney at the Middletown Area Town Hall explaining why his office didn’t file charges against two men working on a hot tub, that is believed to have started the Valley Fire. Don Anderson saying he has had a lot of questions and criticism, and wanted to explain why they would have never gotten a legal conviction. Anderson saying while there was a defective electrical hookup to the hot tub, they didn’t find it had bad electrical wires. All in the convened Grand Jury, some of whom lost homes in the fire, found it to be a “total accident”. The fire burned more than 76,000 acres in Cobb, Middletown and Hidden Valley and killed five.

An 80-thousand dollar contribution’s been giving to the Northshore Fire Protection District by the Habematolel Indian Tribe. Officials presented the fire district with the check in January for emergency personnel in the greater Upper Lake region. Apparently the tribe makes a yearly contribution to the district which goes into their general fund. The chief says they usually spend it on equipment maintenance in the seven stations they manage. Three are run by volunteers. The district said to be one of the largest, in 357 square-miles. That being one of the largest in the state based on land area.

A new report says predicted rising sea levels could sink some coastal areas around San Francisco Bay by the year 2100. The study by UC Berkeley and Arizona State also says landfill in areas like Treasure Island and Foster City will cause worse flooding. The scientists used settling measurements around the Bay Area between 2007 and 2011 with state-of-the-art satellite radar in several waterfront areas. The scientists say these areas which are expected to get flooded would be twice as bad than just the areas where the sea is expected to rise. Apparently other studies didn’t count on places where there’s settling or subsidence.

District 3 County Supervisor Jim Steele not running again. The news after the application deadline for those seeking re-election for the June 5th primary closed Friday. So far we’ve learned Steele wouldn’t run again, Patrick Iaccino, a retired Upper Lake Unified School District superintendent is running against the incumbent Brock Falkenberg, the Assessor-Recorder, County Clerk-Auditor, Sheriff and Treasurer-Tax Collector all filed and are unopposed. There are some others also running unopposed, but their names won’t be on the ballot because they’re judicial races, so they’re just automatically in for another term.

A former student in the UK suing after saying after studying for two years, all she got was a “Mickey Mouse” degree which isn’t helping her career. Pok Wong is suing Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for about 80-thousand American saying claims the school made about getting a quote, “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were fraudulent. The Sunday Telegraph reports the case may set a precedent about how colleges market courses. The woman says she moved from Hong Kong for her studies in business but says the school didn’t deliver, she’s suing for breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation


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