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Ukiah High students to join others nationwide for a school walkout to protest gun violence after the Valentine’s Day massacre in Parkland, FL. The walkout tomorrow for seventeen minutes at 10 a.m. in honor of the 17 shooting victims from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The National School Walkout being organized by the original Women’s March organizers. The kids in Ukiah say they’ll stay on campus for their protest and twelve of the 17 minutes are during a regular break. They will also have 17 students lay down on the floor to represent the students and teachers lost on Valentine’s Day. There will be others talking about gun violence. Students in the United States as well as around the world will protest in solidarity.

Several bills circulating in the Capitol on cannabis regulation. The bills cover several areas as they relate to marijuana, like being used on K-12 school campuses to the penalties a retailer may face for selling cannabis to minors. In Washington, Colorado, Florida, Maine and New Jersey there are laws that allow for medical cannabis to be administered to students at school. A similar bill will be heard in the Senate Education Committee March 21st. On the flip side a bill to make it a penalty to sell recreational pot to anyone under 21 is being considered the following day. Another bill to gather a Sun-Grown Cannabis Commission to represent small sun-grown cultivators.

A new gun reform bill being introduced in the legislature. Three lawmakers brought the bill forward to raise the age limit for purchasing long guns from 18 to 21, the same as for handguns. The bill’s author, Assemblyman Rob Bonta of Oakland says a commonsense law needs to extend to long guns for more public safety. Several other states and municipalities consider the same after the Parkland, FL high school massacre Valentine’s Day where 17 students and teachers were killed by a former student with a military- style rifle he bought legally. In Washington D-C, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Jeff Flake, a Republican from of Ariz., introduced a bill to raise the minimum age for buying military-style assault rifle to 21. But those against the proposed Calif. law say it goes against the Second Amendment.

An all day emergency preparedness event is being planned after the Valley Fire in Cobb. The Record Bee reports the announcement for the event to be called Cobb Safe was announced last week. The event April 14th at Cobb Elementary. It’s going to be sponsored by Cal Fire, the South Lake County Fire District and the Cobb Area Council. The newspaper reports there will topics like Firewise Communities and neighbors helping each other, Sheriff/Neighborhood Watch, helping neighbors clear their lots and of course, warning systems. There could also be a new Cobb Area Community Emergency Response Team that comes out of the event.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors once again hosting special workshops on cannabis-related regulations. Lake Co News reports the next meeting this Thursday morning at 9. You can stream it online too at the county’s website. The board to consider approving the formation of a cannabis budget unit and how to pay for startup staff. They news site reports they’ll also come up with recommendations with staff on personal permits to grow, register and enforce, then the board will consider all of that at a future meeting. This is the third in the county’s ongoing series of workshops as the county works to finalize county code to be consistent with state regulations.

Some local mobile home residents traveling into Petaluma to see what kind of regulations residents of other mobile home parks deal with related to rent control. Wagon Wheel and Valley Oaks mobile parks in Mendocino County trying to come up with their own ideas to coincide with a statewide strategy to deal with so-called “predatory park owners.” The Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League helped those in Willits have a luncheon to discuss ideas. The league is a non-profit helping protect its statewide members and mobile home park residents.

A man in Willits is arrested after a traffic stop turns up a warrant. A Mendocino Deputy on patrol says he saw a car on Hwy 162 and contacted the driver, Juan Berumen-Villanueva, and after doing a check on the guy found he was wanted for a no-bail warrant in Alameda County on a drug charge. The deputy this time around says it seemed Berumen-Villanueva might have been high so he gave him field sobriety tests and says he had recently used a controlled substance. He then found a loaded handgun on the man so he was arrested on several charges including Prohibited Person in Possession of a Firearm, Recent Use of a Controlled Substance with Firearm Possession and other weapons charges. He’s held on no bail due to the warrant.

A couple in Ukiah found guilty of marijuana environmental violations in relation to a pot garden. The two pleaded guilty as prospective jurors waited to start jury selection. Eugene Lincoln of Covelo convicted after pleading guilty to unlawful cultivation of marijuana involving environmental violations of law and for being a convicted felon in unlawful possession of ammunition, both are felonies. And Sonya Lincoln, also of Covelo found guilty after her plea for unlawful cultivation of marijuana involving environmental violations of law, but hers was a misdemeanor. The two to be sentenced in May, but it was decided as part of the plea that Eugene Lincoln would get 3 years behind bars, but to be suspended instead for 5 years of supervised probation. No word on the punishment agreement for Sonya.

A man in Kelseyville admits he shot another man in a shed at his property with a sawed off shotgun. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call to the home and finding Bryon Manson who admitted he shot the other guy, who was found with small pellet wounds so he was taken to a hospital. Manson says he was home with his wife and heard noises around their house so he went to check it out and saw someone run from his house and then heard noises inside. He says he warned whoever it was he had a gun, but felt they were coming towards him and he felt threatened, so he shot. There were no arrests and it will be up to the D-A to decide if charges will be filed.

Congressman Mike Thompson in town for a gun violence town hall when the Yountville barricade situation was going on. The congressman landed Friday morning in San Francisco and was briefed there was a man with a gun at the Veterans Home of California with hostages. Thompson says he changed his schedule and headed to the home and on the way was briefed by the Sheriff. Apparently Thompson’s son is a deputy who was one of the first on scene at the Pathway Home. Thompson was on scene in the command center and says he was there nervously awaiting info like so many others. Three mental health workers were killed, Thompson knew two of them. The shooter identified as Albert Wong, was a former patient and soldier who had lived there for a year, but was kicked out a couple weeks ago, then came back to an office party and took hostages, killing them and himself after the hours long standoff.


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