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The Laytonville High School Mock Trial wins against Ukiah High for a chance at the State championships. The Laytonville team members against Ukiah at the 30th annual Mendocino County Mock Trial competition March 3rd, winning the Honorable Judge Ron Brown Memorial Perpetual Trophy. Now they move on to the state competition in Orange County next weekend, March 16th to 18th. The trial competition is sponsored by Mendocino County Office of Education (MCOE) where students get to argue on both sides of a fake case. This time it was the People v. Davidson where Casey Davidson, of the town of Acorn, was charged with first-degree murder, and was a member of an extremist nationalist group. The team looking for some donations so pay for some of their trip next weekend. For more info give Laytonville High a call.

A man accused of trying to kill a CHP officer in Willits in December of 2016 gets a life sentence. Ryan Maxstadt of San Jose got 38 years, 8 months, to Life for the attempted murder of a CHP officer, assault with a firearm on a CHP officer, personal discharge of a firearm, felon in unlawful possession of a firearm, and vehicle theft. He was already supposedly serving time for a felony out of Santa Clara County at the time of the Mendocino crime and also had two other state prison sentences on his record.

A man who was convicted of trying to rip off a business in Lakeport is getting parole. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports being told by the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that Lonny Teter Jr. will be paroled back to the county tomorrow. He was arrested back in 2013 for an armed robbery where he was accused of using a knife and handgun, but the victim and a Good Samaritan were able to subdue him. Teter said he went to the store to rob it and scare people so he could get money. He also said he was planning to shoot cops who tried stopping him. He ended up pleading guilty to attempted robbery and assault with a firearm and got six years in prison. He had to serve 85% of the sentence because the robbery was a violent felony.


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