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A man from Willits killed after his car drove off Highway 20 near Redwood Valley and hit a tree. The California Highway Patrol has not identified the man until his family was notified. The driver was in a 2004 Cadillac headed east on the Hwy. approaching Hollands Avenue at a high rate of speed early Tuesday morning and went off the road, down an embankment then hit a tree. The CHP says he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, got ejected from the car and was killed. The accident happened in rainy weather, but they’re not sure if drugs or alcohol played a factor.

The board of directors for the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District is talking money for the general manager who’s staying on as a consultant. The agreement with Joe Tait, for “non-exclusive professional services” at $135 an hour for service as a District Manager. He won’t get any reimbursement for travel unless it’s specifically related to District business. He can also work for other businesses or government agencies while doing the day to day for the Sanitation District. Each party has a 30 day out. The meeting tonight on the contract at 6 PM.

A man suspected of stealing a truck near Ukiah last week and running from cops has been caught in Alameda County. David Bonino II of Alameda busted with the help of the Alameda County Auto Theft Task Force last Friday. The carjacking March 6th when the owner of the Ford pickup says they were in a parking lot at a business off Highway 101 between Ukiah and Hopland when a man jumped into it. Suspect was then chased to Cloverdale but took off and the truck was found abandoned near Hopland. The man had run off into a wooded area and vanished. Another car involved was stopped and that driver was arrested on several charges including having stolen guns. Bonino’s booked into the Santa Rita Jail on charges of carjacking, using a firearm during a felony and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

No threat after a social media post had cops searching a high school students home in Clearlake. Clear Lake High administrators get notice that a picture shared on a social media account had, what was thought to be, a high school student with a rifle. They found out it was actually a student’s family member who doesn’t live in the area and the student was just sharing the photo online. Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says they got a call from the Lakeport Unified School District so cops brought the student in for questioning and searched his locker. They found the kid had no access to weapons and there was no evidence the student was planning anything.

Several armed robbery suspects chased by police from Sonoma County into Marin County meant some residents had to stay inside their homes and workers inside businesses. The Press Democrat reports four of nine suspects were arrested, the others got away and cops kept searching half the day yesterday. It started after a trio of home invasion robberies in Petaluma about 3 yesterday morning. Nine people in all abandoned two cars, and handguns were found in one of them. Then police in Novato told residents in one neighborhood to stay inside. Cops say the robbers may have been looking for marijuana at at least one of the robberies where a resident reported being tied up and pistol whipped. Cops say they believe the crooks are from the east coast and were targeting growers in the legalized marijuana market.

A man from Clearlake on parole for sex related offenses has been arrested after police find weapons on him. Clifford Cutrell busted yesterday after police see a man they saw was acting suspicious in the Mormon Church parking lot on Lakeview Way. Police found he had an illegal police style expandable baton on him and was acting extremely nervous, saying he was being chased by others with a gun. Cops then found he was on state parole for sex-related offenses and was a convicted sex offender and found a loaded gun nearby. He’s charged with several crimes including possession of a police baton, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm with a prior violent offense conviction and armed while committing a felony.

A man from San Mateo County suspected of tossing weapons and ammo from a car, has been arrested in Napa County. Deputies and police officers arrest Howard Edejer who was wanted in San Francisco for a pair of shootings. Napa detectives saw him and tried a traffic stop but the guy took off. While they were chasing him they say he threw items from the car. Later they found that to be a short-barreled AR-15, two high-capacity magazines and a 10 mm semi-automatic pistol with tactical ammunition in it. He missed a turn, jumped from the car and ran off. Police grab him and arrest him on several charges including possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and possession of body armor.

It’s finally settled… Charles Manson’s remains will be released to his grandson who says there will be a public spreading of his ashes. Jason Freeman can take possession of Manson’s remains which have been on ice since November, when he died. Freeman previously said he was going to cremate him and quote, put to rest "this so-called monster, this historical figure that shouldn’t have been blown up as big as it was for all these years." Manson died in Bakersfield in a hospital while serving time for the 1969 killings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and eight others. He was 83.

A teacher accidentally fires a gun inside a classroom in Seaside, injuring three students. Dennis Alexander was apparently teaching a gun safety course for his administration of justice class when the single shot from the semi-automatic gun went off. The three students hit by debris, one 17 year old boy hit by debris or a bullet fragment in the neck. He was not seriously injured though. Alexander is a reserve police officer and a Seaside City Councilman. The kid hit by the debris apparently told his dad the teacher said he was checking the gun to make sure it wasn’t loaded and it went off.

A bunch of illegally owned weapons have been turned over in a state program. The state attorney general announced confiscating several weapons from seven cases since the end of February, including three grenade launchers. The people arrested in connection to the weapons were mostly identified through the Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS) program. That’s a program thru the state which has an automated database to help disarm people who’ve been convicted for a felony, identified as having certain mental illnesses, or are otherwise deemed to be dangerous.


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