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A woman in Covelo’s been arrested after a reported burglary at an auto parts store. Mendocino County Deputies get a call to an alarm going off at the Napa Auto Parts store and saw the windows in the building had been broken by a rock being tossed into it. Deputies speaking to neighbors find Eraina Davis had been seen in the area when the alarm went off. They found her nearby staggering and said she had blood on her hands and face and lacerations on her face, a hand and leg. She was treated at the scene for the injuries and arrested for the broken window. They also found she’d been arrested before and had warrants and was on probation and not allowed to drink alcohol. She was charged with felony vandalism and the probation violation and held on $20,000.00 bail.

A woman in Gualala’s been arrested, police say she attacked the father of her child, the man she was living with. Deputies say the man told them he was arguing with Kimiyo Jones and the argument got heated and she physically assaulted him and bit his arm. They say he had visible injuries that matched the description of what he said happened. So Jones was arrested for felony domestic battery and held on $25,000.00 bail.


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