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A man from Northern California who wildlife officers say shot more than 130 hawks and other legally protected birds of prey on his land has been charged under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. California Department of Fish and Wildlife managers say they got an anonymous call about the shootings near the town of Standish in Lassen County. It happened on the man’s land, but Richard Parker was charged anyway. Officers say he left the carcasses on the ground and say they don’t know what motivated the man. Birds of prey apparently help farmers keep rodents away and it’s against state law to kill them. Officers say it looks like most of the birds were red-tailed hawks, but there was an owl, one magpie songbird, and a migratory ferruginous hawk. The chief of law enforcement for the state wildlife agency says the killings were unprecedented and it might take years for the population of raptors to recover.

A man in Fort Bragg arrested after reports of a burglary and vandalism. Police say they got a call from someone at Calvary Chapel Church saying someone broke in and they thought they might still be in the church with the door inside barricaded. Cops get to the scene and check the building and find nobody inside, then find whoever did break in, got inside and set off several fire extinguishers which covered the inside and all over expensive office equipment with the fire retardant powder. Cops say there were multiple ceiling tiles damaged and broken, and water and cases of soda poured on chairs, the floor, and walls of the sanctuary. Police say there were reports that the night before a man had busted into a clergy members home so they think it was the same guy, 25 year old Dylan Morris, who later admitted he was the one who broke in and damaged the church. He’s arrested and awaits his arraignment.

A little closer for Mendocino County’s supervisors and their work to get cannabis regulations to align with state law. The work’s been ongoing, but at their board meeting this week, supervisors gave their approval for the updated commercial cannabis ordinance. But it’s still a waiting game as the second reading did not happen as anticipated this week. The board’s accepted the changes from Community Development Department staff which still needed to be approved before the second reading. Some changes were small like crosses T’s and dotting I’s but there were also more major changes too, like removing a requirement for a zoning permit related to apartments and mobile home parks. And they discussed having the sheriff’s department do necessary background checks on businesses. Now the board should have the second reading and any necessary changes at the meeting next week.


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