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A complaint to the Ukiah Planning Commission that they sometimes take too long making decisions and bringing them to the City Council for consideration. The Daily Journal reports the Commission Chair Mike Whetzel saying at a meeting with the Community Development Director Craig Schlatter, he was given the news. Whetzel had some ideas about speeding things up since there’s new technology to help with that. One commissioner saying when things are not clear they kick the ideas back for more consideration before bringing to the council. Another commissioner saying she was offended there was a complaint. The talk at the commission’s meeting Wednesday about how to use technology and work more closely with the city council’s ad-hoc committee and be in closer contact with the council on projects as they come along.

Two people have been injured after a fire breaks out at the Albion River Inn. The fire early this morning in a cottage on the Mendocino Coast. The Press Democrat reports one person may have had burns and suffered from smoke inhalation. Firefighters show up to the cottage totally engulfed in flames with the two people suffering from smoke inhalation. The victims taken to Mendocino Coast District Hospital as the fire’s investigated.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors having a public hearing on the county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO) and Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR). The supervisors to consider some changes to county code to accommodate the new legal recreational market. The current permit application deadline was at the end of 2016, but now the county will allow new applications for commercial cannabis activities, including cultivation. There will be more places where it can be grown, have standards for the smell it can leave behind, and where the gardens can be located. Plus they’re considering a cap on the number of growing permits to be allowed based on watersheds.

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