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Reports of a bomb on a school bus had Kelseyville buses on hold for a time. Around the end of school yesterday a student told a teacher there was a bomb on the school bus, so with an abundance of caution, all of the buses in the school district were held by police, then inspected by the Sheriff’s Office. The buses got the all clear, and no buses were found to have any explosives on board. It was just under an hour delay to check the buses and the sheriff ‘s still investigating. The posted on Facebook about the event, saying children’s safety is very important to the Kelseyville Unified School District and that they will continue to take appropriate actions to ensure student safety.

A fire in a motel had the fire department out after smoke poured out of the laundry room. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports nobody was injured but the power was out in the building early this morning on the second floor of the motel near the pool area at the Super 8. The fire department says they had to cut through some concrete in the floor where the fire was contained in two utility closets. They say it looks like it was caused by some old wiring, and that it was an accident. The hotel owner says the front desk employee saw the smoke on the security camera. The hotel had to be evacuated, but those staying there dodn’t have to leave even though it was fully booked.

A phone scam being reported by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office in Willits. Cops say several residents called to inform them they had people calling saying they were with Publishers Clearing House, but they found the calls coming from Jamaica, and they were asking potential victims to go to Walmart to buy a prepaid card or money order. Police say the callers were not connected in any way to Publishers Clearing House and were trying to defraud victims. Residents are told not to give out any personal information or send money and to instead call the Sheriff’s office to report any funny business.

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