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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Several dozen homes are going up in the Coffey Park area of Santa Rosa which was devastated by the Tubbs Fire last October. The Press Democrat reports as of April 20th, 50 homes were going up in the northwest Santa Rosa neighborhood, thirty more than a month before. There are still many empty lots with blackened land and trees. Four people died in the Tubbs Fire and 1,200 homes were destroyed. The newspaper reports there are many survivors who are still trying to deal with their insurance claims, but volunteers are still holding neighborhood support group meetings. There’s also a damaged park in the middle of the neighborhood the city’s public works director says there’s still debris there that needs cleaning and that park will be rebuilt from scratch, which may include a public restroom and dog park.

2 men in Covelo are arrested for shooting a gun negligently. Police say 20 year old Orlando Esquivel and 36 year old Aaron Parker shot off a gun by a home. Someone called police to say​
they saw the shooting, then​
told them he and Parker went to a home because Parker was upset with someone living there and Parker took out a rifle with a high capacity magazine and fired several times toward the home. Esquivel was arrested for conspiracy to commit a crime and being the driver, or owner, of a motor vehicle allowing the discharge of a firearm from a vehicle. He was being held on $15,000 Bail; and Parker charged for the discharge of that firearm in a grossly negligent manner and conspiracy to commit a crime and held on $15,000.00 bail as well.

Mendocino County will be getting a new cannabis authority. At its meeting last week the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously for a joint powers agreement for the authority so it can oversee the new legalized marijuana industry. The Daily Journal reports on a presentation by the 1st District Supervisor Carre Brown — there was an effort so there would be an official organization in the state, the California Cannabis Authority so municipalities would have an entity handling everything including banking. Now the new authority locally will have a data platform to track tax payments, help various county departments with constantly updated information and give public health officials product information, which includes where it came from. Brown told the supervisors they’re considering various ways to handle banking like they do in Colorado and Washington state, who legalized recreational weed years ago.

A man on trial for the death of a man from Fort Bragg has been found guilty. The Mendocino County DA’s office reports Caleb Silver, formerly of Boonville, was convicted for the Dec. 2015 murder of Dennis Boardman. Court papers say Boardman was found dead at a home in the town the next week. But police say he had been dead at least six days when he was found. They say Boardman died of blunt force trauma. His pickup was also stolen at the time, and found in Carpenteria with the victim’s dog in it. Silver admitted back then he took the truck, but was not involved in the murder. Silver found guilty of first-degree murder and special allegations of using a hammer and knife to kill Boardman. He’ll be sentenced May 16th.

Scores of volunteers descended on Clearlake for a spring cleaning. Lake Co News reports the city of Clearlake, working with the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, Clearlake Waste Solutions and Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake sponsored Saturday’s annual Clearlake Clean-up Day event. The news site reports those picking up trash included elected officials, service clubs, citizens, and city staff. They report collecting as much as 120 tons of debris, 50 tires and five tons of scrap metal. There were more than 85 people who showed up to help.

Today’s the last day to get your permit to grow cannabis outdoors for your own use in Clearlake. The Code Enforcement Division released a statement saying under the city’s Personal Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance you have to have a permit to grow outside and have given April 30th as the deadline to get one. You can have up to six plants indoors by state law, and no more than a total of six plants, including outdoor growing. If you’re found without a permit, you could be fined or penalized. The permits are $250 to pay the city for administering the program.

A man accused of shooting into a group of Caltrans workers and cops has been deemed competent to stand trial, but pleaded no contest. Joshua Caleb Brown’s trial was on hold while he was examined by yet another doctor after the incident. Multiple docs examined the man with the court deciding he could help in his own defense and understand the proceedings. Brown was charged with several crimes including, assault with a firearm on a peace officer, threats to commit a crime and discharging firearm negligently. He recently pleaded no contest to shooting the gun. Now the probation department will come up with a sentencing recommendation. He’s set to be sentenced next week.

Two men arrested in the death of a teenager in Eureka last year. Redheaded Blackbelt reporting Tavin Evans and Anthony Burgess arrested last week for the death of 16 year old Alyssa Claybon who was found dead at a hotel in February of 2017. Her mom says it was a meth overdose that killed Claybon. The two men charged Thursday and will be in court next week, they’re currently in jail. Evans was arrested in December after a traffic stop, and a police chase. Burgess was already in state prison for a robbery in Eureka from August of last year, where he was sentenced to seven years.

The man accused of being the Golden State Killer or East Area Rapist in court for the first time. Joseph DeAngelo handcuffed to a wheelchair in court Friday. CBS Sacramento reports DeAngelo has part of a finger missing from the Vietnam War, something none of his surviving victims mentioned. Apparently the rapist always wore gloves.

Mendocino County Animal Care Services is one of more than 100 across the state who are running their Empty the Shelter event. This Saturday, May 5th, starting at 10 AM is the event. The Bissell Pet Foundation is paying for all the adoption fees for the adult dogs & cats adopted from all participating shelters. In Mendocino County though, there’s also a $25 dog license fee those adopting have to pay themselves. The Mendocino County Animal Shelter is at 298 Plant Road. For more information call 707-467-6453.

An art gallery in France finds out, oops, more than half of its paintings are fakes. The state-owned museum in the south of France which has been dedicated to the Catalan artist Étienne Terrus in Elne apparently spent as much as 160,000 euros on the forgeries for two decades. An art historian apparently raised the issue saying some of the paintings featured buildings constructed after the artists death in 1922. So then a panel of experts confirmed 82 of 140 paintings were not by the artist. The mayor of the town of Elne says it’s a catastrophe.

A man from Nice has been arrested after a Sheriff’s deputy on patrol saw a man in a black BMW talking on his cell phone and followed him. The deputy says he saw the driver leaning in towards the passenger side and decided the stop the guy, identified as Jose Gustavo Mena III, of Nice. He says he smelled weed in the car but Mena said he was just borrowing the car and the person who owned it smoked pot. He was asked to get out of the car and the deputy found he was high and arrested him. He found three joints, a lock pick set, and a loaded, unregistered 9mm handgun in the back pocket of the passenger seat. So he was charged with several crimes including carrying unregistered loaded handgun in public, felon in possession of a firearm and being under the influence of a controlled substance while in possession of a loaded firearm. he also had an arrest warrant from Texas for being a felon in possession of a firearm. he was being held in the lake county jail on $50,000 bail.

The Chair of the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District says the board should stop trying to prove if the district used taxpayer money to buy political ads. The Daily Journal reports the Chair Theresa McNerlin told the Vice-Chair Andrea Reed she doesn’t want to spend more time or money on the, quote “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence”. Reed said at the meeting Wednesday the board should try to clear its name if possible after a district customer sent a letter saying the district may have spent as much as $20,000 of the public’s money for multiple full-page ads in the Daily Journal ahead of the November 2017 election where three incumbent board members lost their seats. The newspaper reports the ads were bought by a publicist hired by the district. Reed said one of the check registers was missing and she couldn’t tell if the district paid for the ads or not.

A group of residents from Willits say they want to be part of the discussion regarding Measure B. “Measure B” covers the Mental Health Treatment Act Oversight Committee looking to put in Mental Health facilities in the county. At a meeting Wednesday and some area residents showed up saying they didn’t want the old Howard Hospital in Willits to be used as a mental health facility. Some residents saying the city’s just recovering after the bypass was built, which affected the economy. The new city manager has asked the committee to include Willits city officials in the discussion. Some residents saying they’re concerned a treatment center would be too close to schools too. Apparently there was already a Willits area representative assigned to the committee by Supervisor Georgeanne Croskey, an experienced mental health professional.

The mayor of Fort Bragg has presented his Well Done Awards. The winners announced at this week’s City Council meeting. The Advocate reports the awards were given out for everything including — the best window display to the best new construction. The best late night business was The Fort Bragg General Store, the best new business was a tanning salon, Oasis, in the Boatyard Shopping Center, and best window display was Family Hands at the corner of Franklin and Redwood. City staff added new categories, the fishing vessel Princess went to best girl-power business and Tina Delucchi was won best busy bee for working in the Guest House Bee Garden and other bee-related local activities.

A man from Clearlake’s been arrested for ripping off a local Redbox movie kiosk by his job. Police say there were as many as 200 movies stolen from the machine by the Carl’s Jr. restaurant on Dam Road. Jason Mifsud apparently found with 140 of the stolen movies. Police say he knew the movies had been ripped off, but said he didn’t take them. They say the barcodes had been painted over. They are said to be worth nearly $3,600. Cops found him out after responding to a disturbance call with a man who may have had a gun. Police say he was illegally camping in a tent on a property and that’s where they found the Redbox movies. He’s booked into the Lake County Jail for felony possession of stolen property with bail set at $15,000.

A woman in Forestville severely burns herself, setting herself on fire… her boyfriend grabbed a hose and put the fire out. The Sonoma County sheriff’s office reports the 60 year old woman poured gasoline all over herself, caught her neighbor’s home on fire too, after lighting up in the kitchen, causing as much as $100,000 in damage to the home. She was taken to a burn center at a hospital in San Francisco. Police say she ran from the home where the fire started, saying she wanted to die, but her boyfriend put out the flames and called 911. The fire in the home, mostly stayed in the kitchen but there was smoke damage throughout the house.

A woman from Covelo’s been arrested for an assault on her estranged partner. Sheriff’s deputies say they got a call to a domestic disturbance last Saturday finding a couple, recently separated. The woman, Cesley Williams went to the man’s home and wanted her personal belongings. They say when the man opened the door, he then closed it again so Williams began pounding on the door and yelling. He says she spit in his face and punched him when he opened the door again. The two had a fight inside the house and cops say she bit him in the chest but he refused medical treatment. Cops say the woman had warrants out for her arrest and she was on probation, so she was arrested for felony domestic battery and violation of probation and held on $25,000.00 bail

State Senator Mike McGuire trying to get money for a new drug screening program he says has been proven in other states to help fight drug addiction. McGuire says early intervention and screening could get help for Californians in need. The money to focus on opioid and meth addiction when patients see their doctors. It would men those on Medi-Cal would be screened by their doc who would ask if they use drugs, including anything to help them sleep, relax, calm down, feel better, or lose weight. The senator asking the senate budget committee to set aside more than 8 million dollars for the plan.

Some veterans in California may be evicted from veterans homes if they’re on illegal medications. CBS Sacramento reports the state Veterans Affairs Department says the “death with dignity option” will be illegal at their homes because they get federal funding and it’s not legal across the whole nation. Some veterans saying they went to the homes to die, and they’re not treated with respect. The death with dignity law was passed in Calif. in 2016. But the Department of Veterans Affairs says doctors cannot give the dying treatments because of worry they could lose federal funding.

A fire at the border of Six Rivers and the Shasta Trinity Forest has grown. The 150-acre Grape Fire was apparently a prescribed burn that’s now being referred to as a wildfire after it got away from crews. Firefighters keeping their eye on flames to protect homes, water systems and PG&E lines. Apparently the fire got away from crews due to dry conditions in the forest. The fire reported to be burning in the Sims Fire Restoration Project area.

If you see helicopters flying over Lake Mendocino, no worries… The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and Mendocino County Search and Rescue are preparing for their yearly Search and Rescue Helicopter Awareness Training. The training hosted by Mendocino and Napa Search and Rescue Teams today from 9 to 5. The actual event is the second weekend in June. There will be 4 helicopters that weekend from the California National Guard and CalStar. Today they’re working on safe maneuvering ahead of the main event.

The man accused of being the Golden State Killer for several murders and rapes in the 70’s and 80’s accused of the crimes mostly during the three months after he was fired as a cop. Police say the 72-year-old Vietnam veteran Joseph James DeAngelo traveled across the state for ten years, meticulously choosing his victims and stalking them before raping and murdering. But they say he then laid low the last thirty or so years, evening working at a neighborhood grocery store before he was nabbed this week after a DNA match. He’s got his first court appearance in the case today, facing two murder charges for a double murder of a couple near their home in Rancho Cordova in 1978. Police say he’s guilty of 12 murders and 45 rapes.

Tainted lettuce has now sickened more than a dozen people in Calif. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out an alert earlier this month to stay away from Romaine and toss it if you have it because it could be tainted with E. Coli. They’ve not pinpointed it to a brand or company, but to a region, Yuma, AZ. The CDC says unless you know for sure where your romaine lettuce is from, you should stay away from it. So far there’s been 84 confirmed cases of E. coli connected to the lettuce and 42 people had to go to the hospital after getting seriously ill. Pennsylvania has the most cases with 18 cases, and California is second with 13 cases.

A drunk driver who had a dashcam rolling caught her drive before crashing and cops nabbing her. The teacher from England, Louise Willard filmed herself driving erratically before someone saw and called police. She stopped soon after and cops said she had more than two and a half times the legal limit in her system. She pleaded guilty to drunk driving and failing to stop after a road traffic crash. She’s now not allowed to drive for 2 years and also got a year of community service.

Some victims and family members of victims speaking out about the potential capture of the Golden State Killer. A man believed to be the serial killer and rapist, Joseph James Deangelo arrested yesterday. He was also known as the East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker or Diamond Knot Killer. CBS Sacramento reporting the one man who lost his brother and sister-in-law saying it’s closure to anguish many have suffered for forty or so years. Bruce Harrington tried since the murders to get DNA testing samples advanced in Calif, pushing in 2004 for Proposition 69 which means inmates have to give DNA samples to a statewide database. This case solved about six days ago, police think, because of a DNA sample from one of the crime scenes. Deangelo also a former police officer out of Auburn fired in the late 70’s about the time most of the crimes took place.

A day after the alleged “Golden State Killer” and “East Area Rapist” was caught, reporters descended on suspect Joseph James DeAngelo’s ex wife’s home ourside Sacramento, in Roseville. A neighbor spoke to reporters because his ex didn’t answer the door. The neighbor telling reporters after Sharon Huddle moved in with her three daughters the accused killer would come by often. They say he’d scream and yell, but never go in to the house. The neighbor says they would have loud arguments outside and one neighbor would tell DeAngelo to take it down a notch. He says he was unstable and cursed a ton and had a harsh temper. DeAngelo, a former Auburn police officer, fired in the late 70’s was arrested Tuesday after a DNA match came up. He’s charged with 4 murders so far, two in Sacramento County and the same in Ventura County. He’s accused of murdering 12 people and raping more than 45 women.

Three children have been rescued after being found inside a locked cargo area of a U-Haul truck in Vallejo. Police say they got a call from someone there might be kids in the truck in the parking lot of a Dollar Store. Police opened the truck and found the kids, 7, 9, and 11 years old were locked inside without seats or constraints, seat belts or ventilation. Police finding the mom in the Dollar Store and arrested her, Michelle Richardson of Suisun City. Cops say she had an outstanding warrant for fraud and failure to appear. Now she’s charged with felony child endangerment and false impersonation for giving a fake name.

Police in Ukiah partnering with the city’s Public Works department so there are less traffic accidents and other violations. Police Chief Chris Dewey telling the city council his department recently met with the traffic engineer and the mayor giving his approval, specifically saying there’s a problem on State and Dora streets. The city manager added that they’re working with other stakeholders in the community on the issue and coming up with a work plan. So for now more officers in areas they think they can make a difference. The chief says the strategy has brought the amount of car crashes down 14 percent from a year before. He also says the amount of traffic accident calls went down. There will also be another police officer hired thanks to a state grant.

The Ukiah Unified School District applying to a new state program that could provide all students, no matter the family income, a free school breakfast and lunch. The school district board has approved applying for the “Community Eligibility Provision”. They hope to have the new meal service in the 2018-2019 school year. A recent piece of legislation gives schools with a 62.5 percent or higher number of students in poverty programs such as CalFresh, Medi-Cal and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families have to also apply for this new meals program so all students get breakfast and lunch for free.

A special meeting’s been called for the Fort Bragg Unified School District regarding possible budget cuts of hundreds of thousands of dollars. $400,000 dollars of cuts to be considered at the end of May for next year and the year after that will bite into art, music and library hours. The board of trustees heard from the public during the comment period at the meeting last Thursday. Some staffers speaking out too asking the board to make cuts, not totally eliminate some programs. Others saying the cuts could mean jobs, which would hurt the community as a whole. The board apparently getting a letter from the Mendocino County Office of Education on its budget which has been posted on the district’s website as well as the Advocate newspaper’s Facebook page.

18 community members are being honored by the American Red Cross for community work. The yearly Real Heroes Breakfast tomorrow at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa. Those chosen for acts of heroism that have left a lasting and positive impact for others in the Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma counties. The three from Mendocino County honored Chris Ostrom, Tim Haywood, and Aaron Ostrom for keeping outdoor spaces free of litter and debris. They’re receiving the Environment Heroes award tomorrow. Tickets are still available for the breakfast​:​

redcross. org/CalNWHeroes2018.

A special seminar’s been held for Lake County Office of Education. Lake County Sheriff’s Sergeant Joe Dutra presented “Safety for School Professionals” last Friday for more than 2 dozen staffers from local K-12 school districts, charter schools and community colleges. They went over mass school shootings and discussed how law enforcement has evolved over the years in how they handle active threats at schools since Columbine back in 1999. There was a Q&A after the presentation. Lake Co News reports since the Valley Fire there’s been a stronger partnership between schools and first responders in case of a disaster or crisis. They’ve got a new emergency services/special projects coordinator in the school district who started last summer too.

Clearlake city officials telling those interested in growing cannabis they need the required permit. Lake Co News reports a permit’s required under an ordinance the city council approved last year to grow weed legally outdoors. You’ve got until Monday to apply at City Hall to be in compliance, with your $250 registration fee. Then if those growing want to sell what they’re growing they need other state and local permits. You can grow six plants on your own indoors, but the city ordinance in Clearlake says you cannot grow any more than six plants altogether. You just need a permit to grow outdoors.

Kelseyville schools have started making improvements after a bond measure was passed. Lake Co News reports they’re breaking ground on a new multi-use room for Kelseyville Elementary and Mountain Vista Middle School Monday. The news site reports that’s just one of the many projects the school district is working on with Measure U bond funds. The bond approved to pay for infrastructure improvements and modernization of old electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilating systems. They started work last year, including replacing portable buildings with modulars and putting in a new quad area where kids can hang out.

The October wildfires may be to blame for a new, but harmless aquatic weed on Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. County park officials say it may have been caused by fire retardant runoff. They say the plant called Azolla, or water fern, has been in the lake before. It’s said to look like brown carpet. It usually shows up in certain areas, but this year, there’s quite a bit more, which park’s officials say they’re monitoring. Apparently the weed can double its biomass in only three to ten days. There was about 2 million gallons of retardant dropped by Cal Fire on the North Bay wildfires, made up of 85 percent water, 10 percent fertilizer and 5 percent color, thickener or corrosion inhibitors.

Two measures have been approved by a state Senate committee authored by Senators Bill Dodd and Mike McGuire to help fire survivors get insurance money quicker. The Senate Committee on Insurance voted unanimously on the bills which now will be heard on the Senate floor if the committee chair agrees. Fire victims, developers, firefighters and others representing various community organizations and the Santa Rosa Mayor and a member of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors spoke before the committee. Some people were underinsured because of the massive wildfires. Insurance industry representatives say the two measures could mean higher rates for all customers and less competition.

Police say they have a break in the old ‘Golden State Killer’ case. A former police officer’s been arrested in the case from the late 1970’s which died down, but the cold case ignited again in 2016. A DNA match in the last week has tied 72 year old Joseph James DeAngelo. He was fired from the Auburn Police Department back in 1979 for stealing a can of dog replant and a hammer from a drug store. He’s so far been arrested on suspicion of committing four murders in Sacramento and Ventura counties. The killer also raped several women aging from 13 to 41 years old. He was first known as the East Area Rapist, then the Original Night Stalker for some Southern Calif. killings and the Diamond Knot Killer for a binding method on two of his victims.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting police are going to make an announcement any moment now that they’ve arrested a suspect who’d been living in the Sacramento area and was found out after lighting up the old cold case again in 2016. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert working the case, but hae not publicly announced who the suspect is. The paper reports Joseph Deangelo was booked into county jail Tuesday for two counts of murder but it’s not been confirmed. The newspaper reports Deangelo lived at a home in Citrus Heights where police were seen this morning. The Golden State Killer was also known as the East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker and the Diamond Knot Killer. Cops say the suspect killed at least a dozen people, raped as many as 45 and burglarized hundreds of homes in the Sacramento area, Central Valley, Bay Area and Southern California in the late 1970’s.

This weekend’s the Clearlake Clean-Up. It starts this Saturday at 8 AM at Austin Park ending with food and drinks. It’s sponsored by the city of Clearlake with the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, Clearlake Waste Solution and Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake. There are many volunteers expected, including elected officials, service clubs, citizens and city staff, helping pick up trash and clean spots around Clearlake. The city manager saying he looks forward to the event each year, seeing citizens get involved, showing the pride and making Clearlake an even more beautiful place to live. You can register the day of the event and tools and a gathering bag are provided.​​

If you see a helicopter hovering over Garberville, it’s PG&E. The utility says it’ll be out from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm tomorrow to replace a power pole and patrolling the circuit. It’s on the west side of Highway 101 north of Richardson Grove State Park. They say it shouldn’t be visible from the highway. But the landing zone’s next to the 101, south of the Eel River. The utility also says there will be plenty of signs around and obvious traffic control.

Today is Denim Day at the Capitol – it isn’t like "Casual Friday," instead, it’s a show of solidarity for victims and survivors of sexual violence. There will be a rally on the Capitol steps in Sacramento to draw attention to the problem, a tradition since a controversial Italian Supreme Court ruling in 1999 denying a woman’s rape accusation because she’d been wearing tight jeans, and supposedly would have had to help remove them, implying consent. Lorena Campos with the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault says statistics show that sexual misconduct – from unwanted forcible touching, to sexual abuse, to rape – is still extremely common.

Cut 29345 :11 "We just released a report – it’s the ‘Cost and Consequences of Sexual Violence in California’ – and in 2012 alone, there were 948,000 California residents that experienced sexual violence."

Tag: Campos’ group, along with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, are asking legislators to support a budget request of 50-million dollars from the state general fund, for communities to do more education and public-engagement events that teach about consent and healthy relationships.


Second Cut: Campos says a recent study showed the state of California paid nine-billion dollars in 2012 responding to sexual violence. And she describes the intangible costs, which increase that figure to 140-billion a year.

Cut 30345 :17 "The tangible costs include medical, mental-health care, prevention, investigation, sanctioning, treatment, victim services – that totals over $9 billion. And so, when the intangible costs are included, such as lost quality of life and lost work productivity, that totals the $140 billion. "

Tag: She adds the annual event takes on extra significance this year, with the rise of the "Me Too" movement and sexual-harassment scandals. The groups are also championing Assembly Bill 2079. It combats sexual violence against the thousands of women who clean large office buildings at night by providing training for janitorial workers on sexual violence and harassment prevention.

A unanimous vote from the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors on several moves to help the homeless. A consultant paid nearly $50,000 to help with a plan, Robert Marbut, gave the board his final report last month with several suggestions after he held interviews and listening sessions. There are 300 homeless in the county and apparently the county’s begun implementing some of the suggestions from the report. The report brings up there’s not a lot of substance abuse and mental health treatment services, which the county seeks to investigate. There’s also a need for more programs for children without a home. The Daily Journal reports county officials are trying to work with those who have some sort of connection to Mendocino County. There will be a community facilitator contracted to work on the more than 2 dozen recommendations in the report.

A marine biologist working on federal protections for marine ecosystems along the North Coast has been killed in a car accident. Susan Williams from Bodega Bay lead the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and worked to protect coastal waters, advising legislators on ways to protect the coast from oil and gas development. The Press Democrat reports she was well known amongst her peers and others for her work to show ocean health was connected to the health of coastal communities and humanity. She was the only one who died in the 6 car crash in Petaluma Tuesday on Lakeville Highway. Her Prius hit head on by a Chevy Silverado pickup. She was 66 years old.

A home in Clearlake gutted by a fire that spread to other structures. The fire yesterday morning in the 14000 block of Palmer Avenue spread to another structure and three outbuildings. One was vacant, the other housed a small business. They had minimal damage. But many area fire crews were on the scene, including Lake County Fire, Northshore Fire and Cal Fire. The fire was contained in about 90 minutes. There were some evacuations closeby, but no injuries were reported. Cops on scene found a small cannabis lab. Just after the fire crews turned to smoke in the sky by Lower Lake, but found it was a legal control burn.

The ground’s broken on a new Tractor Supply Company store in Clearlake. The shop for farmers, ranchers, those with livestock and pet owners of course. They’ve got plans for a dozen or more employees who will be experts in the field. The company to support pet adoptions, area 4-H clubs and Future Farmers of America chapters, county fairs, and livestock shows. The store is set to open this summer.

The Willits Farmers Market is looking for a location change. The city council is set to hear the request tonight at their meeting for exclusive use of a city public parking lot downtown next to Main Street Music. The market was at Recreation Grove Park and runs from the beginning of May to the end of October. The market manager apparently went to the city planner with the request for each Thursday from 1 to 7 PM during the summer with the lot to close Wednesday nights too. The Willits News reports several area businesses support the move saying it would bring more customers to the area and new energy to the downtown area. City staff is recommending the change.

Willits is looking to tax marijuana with a ballot measure in November. The city council will take up the matter tonight to review a draft of a commercial tax ordinance for an excise tax to be on the ballot for the Nov. 2018 general election. It’s similar to the same tax in Santa Rosa, taxing cannabis cultivation at no more than either $25 per square foot of cultivation areas, or 8 percent of annual gross receipts. It also leaves room for possibly taxing all other commercial cannabis business or industry activities, besides cultivation, at 8 percent of annual gross receipts.

A woman from Australia back in Mendocino County looking for her missing daughter. Kym Kemp reporting Jeannie Kreimer searching the Point Arena area for, Asha Kreimer who vanished in September of 2015. Jeannie telling the news site she’s a nurse living in Australia who goes home to make money, then comes right back to find her daughter. She says there was a report her daughter was seen a year ago in Garberville, sitting in front of Rays [Food Place]. She says since she’s had many tips that Asha might be in Humboldt County or on a farm in Shelter Cove. She says her daughter had some kind of mental breakdown before she disappeared and went to the hospital but after being released she didn’t hear anything more from her. She says the latest she’s heard is she may be in Eureka. Her picture is up on the Red Headed Black Belt website.

A no vote for a new housing package of bills at the capitol. The Record Bee reports a housing package that had been backed by top legislative leaders and the governor for millions of apartments and condos across the state has failed. Senate Bill 827 would have meant the state had to allow cities to put up apartment buildings within a half mile of rail and ferry stops. It was sponsored by a political action group called Yes in my Backward, or YIMBY. An analysis of the proposal by UrbanFootprint showed just the 45-mile El Camino Real corridor could have had three times the number of homes on the route from San Bruno to San Jose. The bill was opposed by neighborhood groups, city officials and affordable housing advocates.

A man in Texas gets 50 years behind bars for stealing a load of fajitas… over years. Police say Gilberto Escamilla stole $1.2 million dollars of fajitas over nine years. He admitted his guilt to theft by a public servant. The Brownsville Herald reports he worked at a juvenile center and would order the fajitas, but then deliver them to his personal customers. He was busted after missing work one day when the massive fajita delivery came and he wasn’t there. They apparently don’t serve fajitas.

Senator Bill Dodd’s office reports going to bat with Senator Mike McGuire for victims of last October’s wildfires. Three bills have been co-authored by the two senators who represent fire damaged areas. The Senate Insurance Committee is taking up the bills tomorrow which Dodd’s office says face major opposition from the powerful insurance lobby. He says families who pay their insurance premiums every year deserve to be covered when disaster strikes, The bills would reform the industry with new requirements including three years guaranteed coverage for living expenses and mandatory policy renewal for up to two years after a disaster. McGuire says the bills would make sure homeowners can collect insurance money quickly to start their lives over.​

A man from Santa Rosa going to prison after stealing from an evacuated group home during the October firestorm. The Sonoma County District Attorney reports Douglas Rosado getting six years behind bars after pleading no contest to first-degree burglary and felony looting during a state of emergency. Those who run the Rincon Valley group home came back after the evacuation order was lifted to find Rosado there with a shop vacuum in his pickup about to lift a laundry dryer. He said at the time his wife had worked there and asked him to check out homes in the area during the fire and drove off. But then when he left, police found two TV’s also gone. He was arrested the next day.

A new partnership’s announced between Adventist Health and St. Joseph Health. The joint operating company to merge clinical activities and services which will serve Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake, Napa and Solano counties. The president for Adventist Health for Northern Calif. says they think patients will have better health outcomes and lower costs. The president and CEO for St Joseph Northern Calif. says the two health companies have a history of successful clinical collaboration and by merging they ensure a healthier future for the communities they serve with high-quality services close to home. The partnership still needs regulatory approval.

A man ends up in the hospital and could soon be arrested after a fire in Clearlake Oaks cops say may have been started because of a honey oil lab. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to the 10000 block of Highway 20 last Friday where they found a fire after a small explosion in the kitchen area of the home. They say there was also a plastic bottle with marijuana inside, a can of butane, and a shattered glass dish with a sticky substance that looked to be concentrated cannabis. Narcotics detectives on the scene saying it looked as though butane was being used to extract concentrated cannabis out of marijuana. Michael Hoisington of Clearlake Oaks was also hurt in the explosion and fire and taken to a hospital to be treated. Cops say they’ve sent the case to the DA for a felony charge against Hoisington.

A new report shows climate change taking a toll on Calif. The study in the scientific journal called Nature Climate Change and says hotter temperatures and warmer oceans mean more water vapor in the air which could cause a so-called megastorm like one that happened in the state back in 1862. The study also says that it could happen within the next 40 years or two times in 80 years. The Record Bee reports the lead scientist from UCLA on the study says the recent wet winters and massive floods are from atmospheric rivers. The study also says drought to flood years have happened about four times a century in the past, but now are expected to double to eight times this century in Southern California and six times in Northern California.

An inmate firefighter has died after collapsing on a training hike in Northern California. Anthony Colacino died on Saturday morning. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reports other inmates with Colacino tried reviving him and that no foul play is suspected. He was hiking at Sierra Conservation Center prison which is a couple hours east of San Francisco, when he collapsed. He was in prison for evading a peace officer, animal cruelty and discharging a firearm with gross negligence and was set for parole in July 2019.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s dept is reaching out to the public for help with a murder case in Sebastopol. Sheriff’s deputies say 19-year-old Cory Alan Vaughn was killed Saturday at a house party. They’ve named 18-year-old Anthony Ibach as the suspect. Officers say he came to the party, but parked at a nearby business. They say the victim’s friends say Ibach was in the parking lot next door and wanted to speak with the victim which ended in a fight, and Vaughn was stabbed several times. Several witnesses were apparently there and tried to help Vaughn who died. They say Ibach left in a burgundy BMW and was caught soon after and booked into jail on a murder count without bail. But police are looking for the BMW he was in and are asking the public to help them locate it.

A man near Salmon Creek in Humboldt County’s been run down and killed. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reports the victim hit on the northbound 101 and the car that hit the victim left the scene. Cops looking into the suspicious death and will have a forensic autopsy this Saturday. The name of the victim has not been released until family is notified.

A famous picture of a monkey’s face is not protected. The now infamous monkey selfie cannot be copyrighted and owned by the animal, according to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Naruto, at a wildlife preserve in Indonesia picked up a wildlife photographer’s camera and took its own picture, several of them in fact. The pictures were published in a book called, "Wildlife Personalities," but then animal rights group PETA said the monkey should own the photos. Now the appeals court says animals can’t file copyright suits, but some profit from the book will go to conservation charities for Naruto, who’s from a species of monkey that’s critically endangered.

A man from Red Bluff has been arrested in connection to the murder of his neighbor. Police had a report Friday morning for the shooting death of another man, Michael Jones. Jacob Oropeza now held on $1 million bail, charged with murder.

Tenants and others on the steps of the capitol and across the state rallying against an effort to get rid of rent control. The idea to be on the November ballot. It would overturn the state law and make it illegal to restrict rent control on single-family rentals, condominiums or apartments built after 1995. Those for the initiative say higher rents mean folks have to move and have longer work commutes, and in some cases, end up on the street. Those against the ballot measure say stricter rent control rules will make things worse and discourage development with less available housing.