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Penalties could be assessed on multiple properties found with Cannabis growing without permits. The Clearlake City Council to consider more than $30,000 of penalties on more than 70 properties because the owners never got outdoor marijuana cultivation permits which is against city rules. The penalties are each between $300 to $500. The council’s first meeting Thursday in closed session at 5:15 PM regarding two properties and one potential lawsuit before the regular meeting at 6 PM. The penalties portion of the meeting will have a public comment opportunity. Then the council will consider a letter of support for a piece of legislation about residential property insurance and wildfires

A man killed in a head on crash while riding a motorcycle has been identified. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says it was 50 year old Jason Cliff who died Sunday after driving over the double yellow lines on Hwy 29 and crashing into a pickup truck in Lakeport. It was north of the intersection with Highway 175-Hopland. The CHP says the man was on his bike and looked away from the road, then crossed over into oncoming traffic, hitting Tyler Knudsen of Middletown in a 2007 Dodge pickup. The motorcycle burst into flames and Cliff was pronounced dead soon after. The pickup driver and his passenger did not get hurt.

The rain keeps coming. A special weather statement’s been issued by the National Weather Service for Lake County and other parts of Northern California. Lake Co News reports that’s because there’s cooler, wetter weather coming our way. There will be rain, snow up in the mountains, wind and colder temperatures this week. There should be light rain today, mostly in higher elevations with windier conditions locally. But another colder system with more rain should be hitting tomorrow into Thursday. And snow should drop to lower elevations by Thursday of about 3,000 feet. The highs are supposed to hit the 50’s, with overnight lows in the high 30’s to lower 40’s.

A man killed in an airplane crash in Petaluma has been identified. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports 75 year old Carleton Morrison of Fallbrook was killed Friday night. He was reported to be an experienced pilot. He was the pilot of the Mooney M20 fix winged airplane headed from Petaluma to San Diego County, but there was bad weather and he crashed. Deputies went to the crash scene at the same time the man’s wife called police to report her husband should have been home already. His plane was found in a remote area, with Morrison inside. The NTSB is investigating.

A man from Willits pleads guilty to shooting and killing a leopard in another country without a permit, then bringing its skin back to the U-S. Kym Kemp reporting Adam Thatcher Lawrence pleaded guilty in federal court to mislabeling wildlife intended for importation. This connected to a trip in August of 2011 to the Republic of South Africa where he hunted the leopard without a permit to kill in South Africa at the time, or having a permit to export the leopard. He also admitted he went back in May of 2012 to bring the leopard back to the U-S. with the animal’s skin and skull secretly brought here in a spare tire. Leopards are protected animals. He accepted a plea deal so he cannot keep the animal’s skin and skull and loses the hunting rifle used to kill the cat. He also had to give up other items from his home from hunting expeditions. And was released on bond, he’ll be sentenced in June, facing five years and a $250,000 fine and restitution.

A home invasion robbery reported in Shelter Cove in Humboldt County. A victim tells Humboldt deputies three men came into their garage carrying firearms, ordering him to the ground, demanding money and marijuana. He says they searched his home and another victim was also told to get on the ground. They reportedly took a gun, both of the victim’s cell phones, $500 cash and packaged marijuana. They then locked them in their basement, but they escaped soon after and called police. They describe one of the suspects as a black man in his mid to late 20’s, about 6 feet tall, average build with a beard, the other two described as black men in their mid to late 20’s.

Still no sign of a car that went into the Eel River near Confusion Hill by Garberville and possible people inside. The California Highway Patrol in Garberville went searching for the car yesterday saying they didn’t spot anything vehicle, and said it’s a deep area of the river. There were parts of a car found however, and officers say there was an oil sheen about where the car went down. A witness apparently saw the car pull over, but they went too far, and tried to stop, but it was too late.

Assemblyman Jim Wood supporting legislation so the federal government is hands off California’s cannabis industry. The resolution states the federal government should instead pour resources into the ongoing, growing opioid crisis. It goes onto say the state’s legalized medical marijuana industry won more than 55 percent of the vote more than 2 decades ago, and the new recreational market won 57 percent of the vote in 2016. The resolution went to the Assembly Committee on Public Safety last month. Wood is not a co-sponsor or author of the resolution, he co-introduced it.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day this week. This Thursday in Clearlake, the city will recognize as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The Board of Supervisors is also recognizing the same today at their regular meeting. The Soroptimist Club has made human trafficking a signature project. They’re trying to raise awareness with proclamations to call attention to the issue with community forums and training. April 14th is also the date for the anti-trafficking play, Jane Doe in Wonderland thru Soroptimist International of Clear Lake and Game Over, an anti-sextrafficking nonprofit organization.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern Calif. is taking another look at the dual water tunnel project. The agency said no to the plan last week, but apparently they’ll look at it again today for the $5.2 billion single tunnel to overhaul California’s north-south water system, or whether they should go for the whole enchilada, a $10.8 billion two tunnel project. The Governor sent a letter to the water district yesterday supporting the dual tunnels.

A woman from Florida says nope, cocaine wasn’t put in her purse by her, the wind blew it there. Fort Pierce police say Kennecia Posey was in a car with two other people that was stopped last month. The officer smelled weed in the car and conducted a search, finding cocaine and marijuana in separate bags inside Posey’s purse. When police asked her about the drugs, she said it was a windy day and the drugs must have flown in from the car window. She’s charged with felony cocaine possession and a misdemeanor for marijuana possession.


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