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A man on a motorcycle killed in a crash in Lakeport was apparently supposed to go to trial connected to a massive racketeering and conspiracy case. The case against a bunch of Hells Angels motorcycle gang members from Sonoma County. The Press Democrat reports 50 year old Jason Cliff died Saturday after drifting over the double yellow line on a highway near Lakeport and crashing into a Dodge pickup truck. The Coroner’s Office investigation into the crash found Cliff had been on federal supervision as one of about eight Hells Angels members who were indicted after a three-year investigation into murder, robbery, extortion, witness tampering and more. The court documents say he was suspected of maiming and assault with a deadly weapon, in aid of racketeering. He was facing 20 to 30‑years if he got convicted.

Deputies are looking into whether a car that went into the Eel River last week may have been a missing family from Southern Calif who was on vacation nearby. The sheriff’s office says they’re searching the south fork after water levels go down and the river flow slows down, saying right now it’s too dangerous for divers to go in. The river’s been muddy too because of a storm. Witnesses reported seeing the maroon colored vehicle, maybe a Honda Pilot, go into the river north of Leggett. Witnesses saying the driver pulled over from the 101, but went over the side in rainy weather, then down an embankment and disappeared. The CHP also reports getting a call about a missing family from Santa Clarita who were traveling in a similar make, model and color vehicle than the one that crashed.


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