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A man from Ukiah’s been arrested on several charges after being found trespassing at a local business. Mendocino Sheriff’s Deputies say they got a call to someone sleeping outside the business and when they checked, they found Keegan Knight. Deputies say Knight seemed high on something and found some drug paraphernalia in plain sight so they arrested him, then searched his vehicle. Cops say there was a loaded AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle with more than 100 rifle cartridges also in the car. They found meth on him too. They also found he was prohibited from having weapons in Calif., for ten years and saw the assault rifle had no serial number and was not registered as an assault weapon under California law. He was arrested on several charges including possession of an assault weapon, possession of controlled substance while armed with loaded firearm and possession of a short barreled rifle. He was held on $60,000.00 bail.

New info on the family of 8 that went off a cliff off the Mendocino Coast. A friend of one of the two moms of 6 adopted kids says she received a text from Sara Hart saying she was so sick she might have to go to the hospital. That text a couple days before the family’s SUV was found down a 100 foot cliff with the two moms and three of their kids outside the Westport area. Cheryl Hart of Vancouver, no relation, called 911 a couple days later because she didn’t hear back from her friend. She also said she had called area hospitals to see if she was there. Three of the family’s children are still reported missing and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office is searching daily with deputies on patrol. They’ll search the ocean again as weather permits. One of the missing kids, 15 year old Devonte, part of a viral photo at a Black Lives Matter rally where he was photographed in tears hugging a white police officer in 2014.

New sidewalks and curbs planned in an area of Willits. The community is invited to hear about the work at an open house for the Willits Rehabilitation and Relinquishment of Old Highway 101 next Tuesday at the Willits City Hall Community Room at 5:30. There will be Caltrans workers and other officials there answering questions. There residents can peak at project plans and the tentative work schedule. The work to start at the end of the month and last until November.

A permanent CFO’s been named for Mendocino Coast District Hospital. The hospital and its Board of Directors announced Michael Ellis starting this past Tuesday as the new, permanent CFO. There had been a nationwide search and several candidates applied with interviews by folks who would directly report to the CFO. The CEO Bob Edwards in a statement saying they’re excited to work with Ellis on the tough issues facing healthcare organizations today, adding they’re looking forward to continued progress and success on a variety of issues under Ellis’s leadership.

A man from Covelo arrested after being spotted driving erratically. Deputies on patrol see Orlando Esquivel in a pickup truck late Saturday night near the Round Valley Elementary School and followed him saying he nearly went into oncoming traffic. They say when trying to catch up to the guy, he sped up and got onto Highway 162. The driver kept going even when the deputy turned his emergency lights and siren on. He drove on the wrong side of the road, but when he turned into someone’s driveway, the deputy was able to arrest him. Esquivel was arrested for evading a peace officer: reckless driving and evading a peace officer: driving on wrong side of road and held on $35,000.00 bail

A man wanted for stealing a car, and several other crimes, in court now finds himself charged with many more serious crimes. Lake County D-A Don Anderson reports Nicholas Brooks being investigated for the attempted murder of someone, only identified so far as J-S. The D-A’s office charging Brooks with attempted murder as he awaits trial for human trafficking for prostitution, pimping, procuring a person for prostitution and several other crimes. D-A investigators busted him as they looked into human trafficking in Lake County saying he shot at a human trafficking victim’s “John” because he didn’t pay. There’s also another suspect the D-A says aided and abetted the attempted murder, Kevin Stone. Stone found guilty in 2011 of being an accomplice in the murder of a 4 year old and the shooting of 5 family members. He just got out on parole. Brooks is due back in court April 24th and is held on $1,260,000 bail.

The meeting this week for the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Board of Directors cancelled with no reason given. The Daily Journal reports calling the district several times yesterday and trying the chair of the board too. With emails to her and her assistant to see why the meeting was canceled, but getting no response. The Chair Theresa McNerlin apparently did respond to a text message from the paper that said “3 members unavailable. No quorum.” The board was supposed to get a presentation from the finance director for Ukiah. The meeting was to cover the city’s accounting regarding sewer procedures. The board was also supposed to discuss an allegation of a misuse of public funds made by a ratepayer.

A missing teen reported in Lakeport. Police say they’re trying to find out what may have happened to 16 year old Lia Nicole Long and they’re working with other Bay Area law enforcement agencies and the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. Lake Co News reports police say they think the girl was with Antonio Malik Walls and have been in touch with him, but realized he didn’t take Long with him out of Lakeport. She apparently went to Williams on Tuesday in what’s described as a blue- or silver-colored vehicle, possibly a BMW. She was also supposedly with a light-skinned white or Hispanic man and another black man. Long’s described as a light-skinned American Indian female, 5 foot 4, 125 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Governor Brown has answered the need for national guard troops at the border with a letter to the Homeland Security Secretary and the Defense Secretary. Gov Brown says the state of Calif. will accept funding for the supplemental staffing to fight transnational crime. But the governor also says the guard troops would not help build a border wall, round up women or enforce federal immigration laws. The letter says the federal money would pay for 400 Guard members, right now there are 250 troops across the state with 55 of those already at the California border.

A man from Eureka reported missing a couple days ago has been found safe. Bronson Marcel Tarrio found in Shelter Cove after someone recognized him and his car after missing persons news reports. They called the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center and deputies spoke to Tarrio yesterday.

Lawmakers are considering paying for a transitional Kindergarten program for all 4-year-olds. Since 2010 4-year-olds born between September 2nd and December 2nd became eligible for the program. It’s for kids too young to start traditional kindergarten. The classes known as T-K, have to be offered using a modified kindergarten curriculum. But Senator Bill Dodd introduced a new bill to change the age requirement starting September 2nd until May 31st.

A man seeming obsessed with Taylor Swift has been arrested after robbing a bank and throwing money over her fence to impress her. Police say a man in Rhode Island went to a bank in Ansonia and ripped it off so he could ask Swift to marry him. Ansonia police say Bruce Rowley left the singer’s home because she never showed up there. He was busted in Connecticut and gave himself up on the way back to Ansonia. Officers say he got $1,600 from the bank and threw some over Swift’s fence and said he was going to donate the rest to the police department. He’s charged with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree larceny.


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