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Animal control officers had to shoot and kill a donkey after it was found running wild on a highway. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office got a call from the California Highway Patrol about the animal running in traffic on Highway 101 near mile post marker 8. Caltrans also reported to the scene which was the same area a driver hit some horses a couple weeks ago. Officers say they thought the donkey was a danger to drivers so they hazed the animal away from the road, but say it got aggressive with them and its owner, injuring them. The owner reported the donkey was about 40 years old and never halter broke and was often aggressive, killing other animals of hers. She then requested the animal be put down due to the danger to motorists. The animal was shot, but ran away, but soon after they were able to put it down.

Lake County will soon start to reap the benefit of its new cannabis cultivation ordinance issueing the first permits and taking in tax dollars. As of next Thursday, April 19th, the ordinance will officially be in effect with the first permits to be issued 6-18 weeks after the effective date. The “Cannabis Cultivation Tax” now part of the Lake County Code establishing tax rates for cultivation sites. The ordinance that governs “Personal/patient/caregiver” and “Commercial cultivation of Cannabis” was approved last month and the first tax payment is due as licensees get their County permit. The county administrative officer says they’re working to finish the development of the process as the Community Development Dept. works with future cultivators. They’re also revising the County’s Cash Management Policy which will be taken up by the Board of Supervisors soon.


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