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Items that belong to a missing family from Southern Calif. thought to have accidentally driven into the Eel River have been found where an SUV was seen sliding into the river. The CHP and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office report searching along 12 miles of the river bank after someone said they saw what might have been a maroon colored Honda Pilot go off Highway 101 near Leggett and slide down a steep embankment into the Eel River April 6th. When officers got there that day the vehicle was under the water. They say a vehicle part was found yesterday that came from a maroon Honda Pilot. The Thottapilly family was reported missing and were also driving a maroon, 2016 Honda Pilot from Oregon to San Jose, but never arrived. It’s currently not safe for divers to go into the river, but using probes in the water, various personal items positively identified as belonging to the Thottapilly family were found.

Student housing options being discussed by the Mendocino College Board of Trustees, but how to pay for it. The board discussed possible housing options for students at their April meeting Wednesday but some on the board were questioning where the money would come from. The superintendent says they’re more in the discussion phase and not at a place to get into specifics about possible bond measures or potential investors. He says it’s more about where housing could be put up. The college president saying they need to figure out if putting up housing is even feasible.

A man who ran into a tree in a solo car crash is said to be ok. The CHP reports the driver in a red Toyota Celica hit a tree near Highway 253 yesterday as he came off the southbound 101 south of the Ukiah Valley Athletic Club. The front end of the man’s car was damaged, but the driver was uninjured. The CHP says it didn’t appear to be alcohol or drug related and even though it wasn’t raining, the roads were still wet. The area had reports of a pickup truck going into a ditch in the same area a couple weekends ago, with the truck left abandoned by the driver.

A teen is still missing from the Lakeport area. The police department searching for 16 year old Lia Nicole Long last seen Tuesday. Several state and local law enforcement agencies, the FBI and the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children are searching for her. Police say they’ve had several leads and have investigated people who may have been with her. One report of a man that may have been with the girl turned out to be wrong. There are state and nationwide alerts out for Long and the areas she’s being searched for include Williams, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay and the Los Angeles areas. Police also looking for someone that may be with her, a light-skinned white or Hispanic male and a black male, possibly in a blue- or silver-colored BMW, seen in Williams Tuesday afternoon. Pictures of her at the Record Bee and Lake Co News.

Light-skinned American Indian female, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 125 pounds, with long black hair and brown eyes. A dermal (dimple) piercing on both her right and left cheek, the words “Forever in my heart Alyssa 05/23/17” are tattooed on her right clavicle and an upside down crescent moon on her right thigh.

A new report on California’s water resources shows there needs to be more investment, some innovation and work on infrastructure for there to be sustainable groundwater management in the state. Lake Co News has posted the report released by the Department of Water Resources yesterday. The final Water Available for Replenishment, or WAFR, report, lists the amount of water in the aquifer, showing limitations in some areas except when there’s a lot of rain. In laymen’s terms the report shows the amount of water that would replenish groundwater basins and how that affects local groundwater sustainability until about January 2020.

More people jumping onto the lawsuit against an assisted living facility in Santa Rosa that burned in the Tubbs Fire. The Press Democrat reporting one Sonoma County sheriff’s Detective who was off duty ran to the Fountaingrove senior home October 9th, where his grandma was living. He rescued her and a half dozen others at Oakmont of Villa Capri, but he couldn’t go back to help anyone else because of flames. His recollection of events in new court filings this week. The detective his grandma and another resident are the latest to sue the facility in the expanded lawsuit against Villa Capri and two parent companies, Oakmont Senior Living and Oakmont Management Group.

The Fort Bragg City Council agrees on upgrades for the wastewater treatment plant. City staff preparing a report about the facility which was built back in the early 70’s and needing major upgrades or the system could fail. The upgrade to cover construction, management and engineering pegged at more than $14 point four million dollars. But the council has unanimously agreed to work with a consultant for the construction management and to inspect the plant at a cost of about one point one mil. A pre-design study for the plant was done back in 2012 and a request for proposals finally went out this past February. A company in Willits came in with the lowest bid and got the job to start the work.

The Fort Bragg Animal Shelter is reopening. The County of Mendocino working to reopen the shelter this year and proposed three stages to make it work. The first was facility upgrades, then get staffed up and train employees. The county reports completing the upgrades and repairs so the shelter can operate. They report working to staff up the facility now and over the coming weeks with Human Resources beginning recruitment efforts at Coast Animal Shelter. The county reports once they hired the needed staff, Animal Care Services will train the new employees which will take up to six weeks. The county hoping to get the shelter open by the end of the year.


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