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Preliminary toxicology report has been returned on the Hart family members found dead off Westport after driving down a 100 foot cliff. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Division reports the mom, Jennifer was found to have a .102 BAC and the other mom, Sarah and two of the children had a positive finding in their blood for a drug, that’s the active ingredient in Benadryl. The coroner still waiting for results on the third child. No word if a body found of a black female last weekend was related to the family. There are still three missing children in the case. The Sheriff’s office is continuing to look along the shore with regular patrol deputies. The three still missing are Hannah, DeVonte and Sierra Hart.

A woman’s body’s been found in the vicinity of where a family from southern calif. was reportedly missing from. April 6th, someone reported seeing a 2016 Maroon SUV, possibly a Honda Pilot go into the Eel River near Leggett. At the same time family members expected the Thottapilly family for a visit in San Jose reported they never made it. The mom and dad and two kids, 9 and 12 years old were on a trip from Oregon to the area on their way back to So Cal. Searchers found the female’s body this morning before 11 about 7 miles north of the reported crash site, the Eel River flows in a northern direction. The body on what the Sheriff’s office calls exposed terrain which looked like it was covered by the river the last few days during a storm which had heavy rain. The body will be identified in the days ahead and an autopsy is set for next Tuesday. Searchers continue to look for the missing family around the area it’s believed their SUV went down. As we reported earlier, some family members have also positively identified some personal items pulled out of the river.

The family of a missing family headed to San Jose from Oregon has positively id’d some personal belongings found in the search of the Eel River. The Thottapilly of Southern Calif was reported missing a couple days after witnesses reported seeing a similar looking maroon SUV, possibly a Honda Pilot going into the river near Leggett, April 6th. No divers have been able to get into the river because of weather conditions and the swift moving water, instead, they went on inflatable boats and probed under the surface. Flyers have also been posted nearby about the missing family of four. The Sheriff along with the president of the local Chamber of Commerce, a CHP spokesperson and another officer from the Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue met with family members this week. Searchers have traversed thru about 12 miles of the riverbank looking for signs of the family.


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