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Senator Bill Dodd’s office reports going to bat with Senator Mike McGuire for victims of last October’s wildfires. Three bills have been co-authored by the two senators who represent fire damaged areas. The Senate Insurance Committee is taking up the bills tomorrow which Dodd’s office says face major opposition from the powerful insurance lobby. He says families who pay their insurance premiums every year deserve to be covered when disaster strikes, The bills would reform the industry with new requirements including three years guaranteed coverage for living expenses and mandatory policy renewal for up to two years after a disaster. McGuire says the bills would make sure homeowners can collect insurance money quickly to start their lives over.​

A man from Santa Rosa going to prison after stealing from an evacuated group home during the October firestorm. The Sonoma County District Attorney reports Douglas Rosado getting six years behind bars after pleading no contest to first-degree burglary and felony looting during a state of emergency. Those who run the Rincon Valley group home came back after the evacuation order was lifted to find Rosado there with a shop vacuum in his pickup about to lift a laundry dryer. He said at the time his wife had worked there and asked him to check out homes in the area during the fire and drove off. But then when he left, police found two TV’s also gone. He was arrested the next day.

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