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The Chair of the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District says the board should stop trying to prove if the district used taxpayer money to buy political ads. The Daily Journal reports the Chair Theresa McNerlin told the Vice-Chair Andrea Reed she doesn’t want to spend more time or money on the, quote “District Transparency Certificate of Excellence”. Reed said at the meeting Wednesday the board should try to clear its name if possible after a district customer sent a letter saying the district may have spent as much as $20,000 of the public’s money for multiple full-page ads in the Daily Journal ahead of the November 2017 election where three incumbent board members lost their seats. The newspaper reports the ads were bought by a publicist hired by the district. Reed said one of the check registers was missing and she couldn’t tell if the district paid for the ads or not.

A group of residents from Willits say they want to be part of the discussion regarding Measure B. “Measure B” covers the Mental Health Treatment Act Oversight Committee looking to put in Mental Health facilities in the county. At a meeting Wednesday and some area residents showed up saying they didn’t want the old Howard Hospital in Willits to be used as a mental health facility. Some residents saying the city’s just recovering after the bypass was built, which affected the economy. The new city manager has asked the committee to include Willits city officials in the discussion. Some residents saying they’re concerned a treatment center would be too close to schools too. Apparently there was already a Willits area representative assigned to the committee by Supervisor Georgeanne Croskey, an experienced mental health professional.

The mayor of Fort Bragg has presented his Well Done Awards. The winners announced at this week’s City Council meeting. The Advocate reports the awards were given out for everything including — the best window display to the best new construction. The best late night business was The Fort Bragg General Store, the best new business was a tanning salon, Oasis, in the Boatyard Shopping Center, and best window display was Family Hands at the corner of Franklin and Redwood. City staff added new categories, the fishing vessel Princess went to best girl-power business and Tina Delucchi was won best busy bee for working in the Guest House Bee Garden and other bee-related local activities.

A man from Clearlake’s been arrested for ripping off a local Redbox movie kiosk by his job. Police say there were as many as 200 movies stolen from the machine by the Carl’s Jr. restaurant on Dam Road. Jason Mifsud apparently found with 140 of the stolen movies. Police say he knew the movies had been ripped off, but said he didn’t take them. They say the barcodes had been painted over. They are said to be worth nearly $3,600. Cops found him out after responding to a disturbance call with a man who may have had a gun. Police say he was illegally camping in a tent on a property and that’s where they found the Redbox movies. He’s booked into the Lake County Jail for felony possession of stolen property with bail set at $15,000.

A woman in Forestville severely burns herself, setting herself on fire… her boyfriend grabbed a hose and put the fire out. The Sonoma County sheriff’s office reports the 60 year old woman poured gasoline all over herself, caught her neighbor’s home on fire too, after lighting up in the kitchen, causing as much as $100,000 in damage to the home. She was taken to a burn center at a hospital in San Francisco. Police say she ran from the home where the fire started, saying she wanted to die, but her boyfriend put out the flames and called 911. The fire in the home, mostly stayed in the kitchen but there was smoke damage throughout the house.

A woman from Covelo’s been arrested for an assault on her estranged partner. Sheriff’s deputies say they got a call to a domestic disturbance last Saturday finding a couple, recently separated. The woman, Cesley Williams went to the man’s home and wanted her personal belongings. They say when the man opened the door, he then closed it again so Williams began pounding on the door and yelling. He says she spit in his face and punched him when he opened the door again. The two had a fight inside the house and cops say she bit him in the chest but he refused medical treatment. Cops say the woman had warrants out for her arrest and she was on probation, so she was arrested for felony domestic battery and violation of probation and held on $25,000.00 bail

State Senator Mike McGuire trying to get money for a new drug screening program he says has been proven in other states to help fight drug addiction. McGuire says early intervention and screening could get help for Californians in need. The money to focus on opioid and meth addiction when patients see their doctors. It would men those on Medi-Cal would be screened by their doc who would ask if they use drugs, including anything to help them sleep, relax, calm down, feel better, or lose weight. The senator asking the senate budget committee to set aside more than 8 million dollars for the plan.

Some veterans in California may be evicted from veterans homes if they’re on illegal medications. CBS Sacramento reports the state Veterans Affairs Department says the “death with dignity option” will be illegal at their homes because they get federal funding and it’s not legal across the whole nation. Some veterans saying they went to the homes to die, and they’re not treated with respect. The death with dignity law was passed in Calif. in 2016. But the Department of Veterans Affairs says doctors cannot give the dying treatments because of worry they could lose federal funding.

A fire at the border of Six Rivers and the Shasta Trinity Forest has grown. The 150-acre Grape Fire was apparently a prescribed burn that’s now being referred to as a wildfire after it got away from crews. Firefighters keeping their eye on flames to protect homes, water systems and PG&E lines. Apparently the fire got away from crews due to dry conditions in the forest. The fire reported to be burning in the Sims Fire Restoration Project area.

If you see helicopters flying over Lake Mendocino, no worries… The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and Mendocino County Search and Rescue are preparing for their yearly Search and Rescue Helicopter Awareness Training. The training hosted by Mendocino and Napa Search and Rescue Teams today from 9 to 5. The actual event is the second weekend in June. There will be 4 helicopters that weekend from the California National Guard and CalStar. Today they’re working on safe maneuvering ahead of the main event.

The man accused of being the Golden State Killer for several murders and rapes in the 70’s and 80’s accused of the crimes mostly during the three months after he was fired as a cop. Police say the 72-year-old Vietnam veteran Joseph James DeAngelo traveled across the state for ten years, meticulously choosing his victims and stalking them before raping and murdering. But they say he then laid low the last thirty or so years, evening working at a neighborhood grocery store before he was nabbed this week after a DNA match. He’s got his first court appearance in the case today, facing two murder charges for a double murder of a couple near their home in Rancho Cordova in 1978. Police say he’s guilty of 12 murders and 45 rapes.

Tainted lettuce has now sickened more than a dozen people in Calif. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out an alert earlier this month to stay away from Romaine and toss it if you have it because it could be tainted with E. Coli. They’ve not pinpointed it to a brand or company, but to a region, Yuma, AZ. The CDC says unless you know for sure where your romaine lettuce is from, you should stay away from it. So far there’s been 84 confirmed cases of E. coli connected to the lettuce and 42 people had to go to the hospital after getting seriously ill. Pennsylvania has the most cases with 18 cases, and California is second with 13 cases.

A drunk driver who had a dashcam rolling caught her drive before crashing and cops nabbing her. The teacher from England, Louise Willard filmed herself driving erratically before someone saw and called police. She stopped soon after and cops said she had more than two and a half times the legal limit in her system. She pleaded guilty to drunk driving and failing to stop after a road traffic crash. She’s now not allowed to drive for 2 years and also got a year of community service.

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