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The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announces a massive malware attack on thousands of computers and electronic devices across the state. Becerra’s Department of Justice sending letters to internet providers trying to get them to tell their customers with certain IP addresses, they may have been infected with the malware. It comes after a cyberattack last month. Becerra says they’ve identified at least one of the cyberattacks but are continuing to investigate and says they’re hold the attackers accountable. He says the attackers use networks of compromised computers or ‘bots’ to infect computers which includes critical infrastructure and personal networks.

A state project where folks share their fire stories, and to raise awareness about the latest fire seasons is coming to Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the California Fire Story Project will be at the Mendocino County Library today and tomorrow. It’s a joint venture with the California State Library, to include independent oral histories, memoirs, short films, pictures and documents showing how regions were affected by fires. Those who sign up can give their own ½ hour story on the fires last October, or other fires. You can bring a friend, family member or work associate and have a conversation with them. There are recording stations at the library. The recordings will be kept as part of the California State Library collection. Call the library for more info. There will also be a film shown tonight at 6:30 pm as part of the project.

This weekend is mail carriers Stamp Out Hunger Drive. So Saturday, May 12th, the National Association of Letter Carriers will pick up donations as they drop off mail. It’s the 26th year for the largest single-day food drive to help replenish food banks around the country and in California. Last year letter carriers brought in more than 75 million pounds of food in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And since it all started in 1993, they’ve collected more than 1.6 billion pounds of food. You can leave your non-perishable food donations in a bag near your mailbox Saturday. You should have received a bag for the donations by now.

A wind watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for parts of the Bay Area. There are no specific warnings of wind for Mendocino County so far, but in Lake County, winds could pick up tomorrow. The wind watch was issued Tuesday night and the National Weather Service says its concerned trees could come down with power lines. They say while it’s not supposed to be a major event, it’s stronger than they’ve seen lately. Winds tomorrow night in Napa, over the East Bay, Marin and Santa Cruz could be around 20 to 35 mph, with gusts of more than 50 mph in some locations.

Congressman Mike Thompson says he wants the Trump Administration to keep royalty payments going out to counties for geothermal energy production. The money helps local economies and boosts clean energy development. The payments have been taken out of the latest budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019. Thompson’s message to the president along with seven other Democrats and Republicans. He says the counties are leading the way in geothermal development producing cleaner energy sources which can be expensive for communities, so the royalty payments are a return to communities.

A celebration planned by North Coast Opportunities for its 50th anniversary. A family friendly, picnic is planned for this summer with previous and current staff members, board members, clients, local officials, and the community. The event is planned for August 25th at Todd Grove Park in Ukiah where there will be local vendors with fresh food and lots of kids activities. As you probably know, NCO is a community action agency supporting Lake and Mendocino counties and parts of Humboldt, Sonoma, Del Norte and Solano counties. They work with the community to get money in the form of grants to those who need it and develop community action plans and looks for ways to bring change.

A peeper’s been reported at Santa Rosa Junior College. Two women say there was a man taking pictures or video of them in the bathroom. They say he was hiding in a stall Tuesday night and reached under the partition between stalls and snapped photos or video. Another woman reported the same thing ten minutes later. Police could not find the suspect, but he’s described as being in his 20s or 30s, around 5 foot 6 with gray hair or a bald head, last seen in a black-and-white striped T-shirt walking barefoot.

Fire officials from California gathering in Santa Rosa to warn about another potentially, long and dangerous fire season. There have already been as many as 950 wildfires burning more than 5,800 acres in the state this year so far. The Cal Fire Director says residents should be aware fire is now a year round threat. Firefighters reminding folks to take precautions. It’s expected to hit the mid 80’s in Northern Calif. this weekend and be windy in many areas. Lawmakers have asked for nearly $200 million dollars to help firefighters and preposition some in areas of high danger.

California has moved to require anyone building a new home or apartment after 2020 to put up solar panels. It’s a new standard, that the California Energy Commission has approved, the first in the nation and the latest for California in its fight to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The commission getting behind the requirement after builders, utility companies and solar manufacturers supported the move. It still has to get a final stamp of approval from California’s Building Standards Commission.

Police in India have arrested a dad and his son for using phony space suits to swindle a businessman out of money saying they sell magical copper plates to NASA. New Delhi police have pictures of the men online in their silver suits. The two apparently already on bail after claiming they had snakes that had medicinal qualities. The pair telling would be buyers they were developing a device to be used to generate “electricity from thunderbolts” and apparently got a couple hundred thousand dollars for their so-called work.


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