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Parents meet with the school board in Woodland after complaining about bullying. The town hall after a couple of cases of major bullying, one where a student ended up with a campus escort. Parents complaining the schools are not making the bullying a priority. One woman says her 12 year old grandson was dragged and kids stuck pebbles and grass in his mouth and now she’s afraid to send him back to school. At the meeting school board members were in agreement they’ve been getting more reports of bullying these days. A high-school freshman apparently tried killing herself after bullying then when she went back to school, she had a bodyguard.

A federal judge says Wells Fargo has to put up more than $97 million in damages to mortgage workers in California who didn’t get paid enough when they took breaks. The judgment Tuesday after a ruling in January that Wells Fargo violated California labor laws. It was part of a class action suit. Now the bank has to pay almost four times as much as they argued they should. It’s for Wells Fargo mortgage consultants and bankers employeed in California between March 2013 and August 2017.

Officials in Northern Calif. Have announced the final cleanup after the October fires. More than seven months later as much as 2.2 million tons of debris has been trucked out of Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties. The report that about 99 percent of charred lots are cleared. Some of the leftover debris in far out rural spots where toxic materials still exist. It’s said to be the biggest and costliest cleanup in the state since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that triggered fires in that city.

The Governor’s budget proposal made public, so now come the negotiations with the legislature. There’s a huge surplus in the budget too, Jerry Brown’s last, with $6.1 billion in January with plans to leave it and not spend much of it. All except $300 million. Apparently tax returns came in higher than expected. The Governor has been touting the state’s massive economic growth under his stewardship but saying eventually it would all end,. He’s been questioned about spending on social services, education, child care and firefighting. Brown also setting $96 million dollars aside to be more proactive in the forests to curb wildfire activity. The final spending plan will be negotiated with Democratic legislative leaders and they have until June 15th to pass the budget under the state Constitution.


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