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A man from Ukiah saying he shot another man on his property in self-defense has been found guilty of manslaughter. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office reports Steven Ryan had been found not guilty of murder in the first-degree and then second-degree, but now it’s a conviction on the charge of voluntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of 20-year-old De’Shaun Davis. Davis was killed in November of 2016. Police found him dead on a driveway after getting a report of shots fired. Ryan has admitted all along he shot Davis dead, but said he found him going thru his trash and it was self defense. Ryan faces up to 21 years behind bars and is set for sentencing next month.

The results of the Broadband Alliance’s October fire outage report have been released. The report after information was collected from a survey online regarding outages during last October’s firestorm. The area of coverage in Marin, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties. The report includes comments and suggestions for elected officials. There’s also an oversight committee made up of Board of Supervisors representatives in each of the counties. The chairwoman of the Broadband Alliance, and three of the counties went thru the results as part of the alliance. She says they got more than 3,700 responses in the three-counties. Some of the recommendations are filling gaps in the way outage reporting is conducted, the need for a state committee for telecommunications, planning for wildfires, and better overall telecommunications services.

More information on the outage report can be found at //

A new boating law in Calif. means those who want to be out on the water have to take a boating course and get themselves a lifetime California Boater Card. The new program will be totally phased in by the California Parks and Recreation Department, Division of Boating and Waterways by 2025. Anyone under 21 has to take the approved boating course this year, then next year it’s for those under 26. Those renting a motorized vessel don’t have to have a Boater Card or if you’re with someone who has one. For more info visit, CaliforniaBoaterCard. com.

A new measure on the ballot next month to raise the bed tax in Mendocino County. Measure G to raise the tax by 8 percent for anyone renting typical lodging, plus they’re adding private campgrounds or RV parks less than 30 days. The money for governmental services and operations. It’s expected to raise as much as One million a year. The measure approved to be placed on the ballot June 5th by the Board of Supervisors. It needs a majority of voters to approve it to pass. The last time the transient occupancy tax hit 10 percent it brought in more than $5 million

A new grand jury report by the Mendocino County grand jury asks for the Juvenile Detention Facility on Low Gap Road to stay open. The report says closing the facility would be “short-sighted” and a way to cut costs, but not adequately care for the county’s troubled youth. The new report simply titled “Mendocino County Juvenile Hall” was released last Tuesday and addresses the county’s proposal to spend just about a million dollars on juvenile detention services for the upcoming fiscal year, but that would mean the forced closure of the juvenile detention facility.

A man in Hidden Valley Lake has been arrested for perjury. The Lake County DA’s Perjury Intervention Unit nabbing Russell Ellis for perjury and perjury by affidavit for paperwork he filed in court in December of last year where he was in a custody fight with his ex girlfriend. The DA’s office says he also lied on the witness stand in March. He had asked for restraining orders against his ex with the affidavit under oath saying he was accosted by the ex and her lawyer in a hallway at the courthouse and says two bailiffs had to escort the girlfriend and lawyer away, he also went on the witness stand with the same story. But the DA found video of the incident which showed something entirely different. So Ellis was arrested with bail set at $20,000. He now faces up to 4 years and 8 months in prison.

A Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy is okay after being shot at a car wash. The Sheriff’s office says they got a call to the Jolly Washer gas station/car wash yesterday morning and the manager says there was a 19 year old employee acting weird and told to go home but wouldn’t. The manager further said they thought the employee might have a BB gun with him. Deputies found the employee behind a truck acting suspicious and pulled a handgun, then fired. One other deputy fired back but missed the man. Then his gun jammed and he tossed it and was arrested. The deputy hit by a snake shot, which has multiple pellets and hit in several areas of his body. He’s reported in good condition with non-life threatening injuries.

The debris being cleaned up at a senior living facility in Santa Rosa apparently not permitted. The Press Democrat says workers at the Oakmont Senior Living facility in the Fountaingrove neighborhood entered a locked-down fire zone with heavy equipment and started demolishing what was left behind by the Tubbs fire before it was picked thru for bodies or hazardous waste. The senior living facility will not be fined or cited because the city doesn’t have the authority. The city waived all fees for the permits after the fire to speed rebuilding. There was also clearance work happening before an emergency order regulating debris clearance permits, debris handling and access in fire zones.

A man believed to be the age of a student has been stabbed to death in a dorm room at Sonoma State University. College administrators say they got a call to the Sauvignon Village last night to the report of a stabbing and found a man down. Petaluma Police are investigating with the University. The school not saying if the victim or the suspected stabber were students. And neither have been publicly identified. The housing unit for freshman. The final exams start today.

A man from Guerneville has been arrested for stealing a couple of rainbow flags off a flagpole downtown and threatening to bomb the local Safeway and Sheriff’s Office substation. The Sheriff’s dept. says the man said he would make bombs then detonate them to hurt deputies and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, for which the rainbow flag is a symbol. Vincent Joseph O’Sullivan has been arrested for the threats and theft of the flags. He’s booked on suspicion of petty theft, making criminal threats and a hate crime, and was held on $50,000 bail.


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