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4 people have been arrested in Clearlake after detectives with a search warrant find a heroin and meth selling enterprise. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit served the warrant last week at Eric Klein and Alexis Coulter’s home and find about 60 grams of black tar heroin along with packaging materials, digital scales, four ounces of crystal meth, cash and a stolen gun. They also found a couple of other people living in a home behind the main house. There were also small children at the home. Klein and Coulter arrested on several charges including​
possession of heroin and methamphetamine for sale, possession of a stolen firearm and the other two, Adam Gates and Shanel Blevin were also charged with several crimes and Child Protective Services came out and charged all four of them with crimes associated with child endangerment.

The Fort Bragg Day in the Park event is happening this week. Fort Bragg Police and several local community organizations are hosting the event at Bainbridge Park Saturday for a fun-filled family event. They will also have resources on families and organizations to chat with at the event. It’s free and open to all ages with free lunch, music, raffles and giveaways. The police department will have a police dog demonstration and a cash prize talent show. For more info, contact the Mendocino County Youth Project or the Fort Bragg Police Department.

A drug bust in Clearlake turns up hundreds of marijuana plants and processed pot. Clearlake Police went to two homes yesterday with warrants after the homes were found to be growing illegal weed. Police found more than 400 marijuana plants and chemicals and materials they typically find with illegal growing and selling operations. They say there was also more than 2.5 grams of cocaine packaged to be sold. It’s now legal to grow marijuana in Clearlake for personal use, but you can only have up to six plants. Those arrested at the house have not been made public so far.

A teenager accused of stabbing a man to death at Sonoma State University has been caught. The Press Democrat reports there was a fight between the victim and a 19 year old, who police have now identified as Tyler Bratton. He was apparently spotted with a knife and blood on his hands after the stabbing, the night before final exams started. The name of the 26 year old victim has not been released yet. Police say the two men knew each other and there was a fight while the two were on campus visiting friends. The two apparently knew a woman living in the dorm where it happened, the Sauvignon Village, a freshman housing complex on campus. The school has grief counselors available for staff and students​.

The Ukiah City Council is revisiting recommendations from a homelessness expert the county hired at their meeting this week. The staff report for tomorrow’s regular meeting includes a talk about the homeless population in the city, which is said to be the most in the county. Robert Marbut has put together a report after meeting with local agencies and conducting interviews. The police department also put together a report on the homeless in the city limits ahead of the meeting. It includes that nearly 260 homeless people live in the city limits of Ukiah. The police department is also recommending the city council adopt some of the findings and recommendations in Marbut’s report.

A new report in California showing the amount of sexually transmitted disease cases have reached historical highs. The Department of Public Health reports more than 300,000 cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and early syphilis last year. They say that’s a 45 percent hike in cases compared to five years ago. The department also reports 30 stillbirths connected to congenital syphilis last year, which is the most that have been reported since 1995. And for those under 30 years old, the chlamydia and gonorrhea rates were the highest. Chlamydia was highest in young women, while men had the majority of syphilis and gonorrhea cases. The department is urging sexually active people to use condoms and get tested regularly.

The Cobb Mountain Community Fellowship which was gutted by the Valley Fire has begun its rebuild. It’s been almost three years since the massive fire took down the church. Now the major work starts with heavy equipment delivered to the site to put down the foundation. The Record Bee reports the Fellowship had a longer than expected time getting thru the permitting process. Last year was the official groundbreaking ceremony, but the real work didn’t begin until now. Some church members came out last week to be there for the first bit of work since the fire. They continue services in Cobb on the Mountain at the Finely Revival Center on Big Valley Road every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. They’re also accepting donations for the rebuild.

A couple in Fairfield have been arrested after reporting a child missing and cops find kids living in squalor inside. The family called police March 31st. Mom Ina Rogers had reported her 12-year-old son was missing. He was found sleeping under a bush nearby, but police searched the home first and found nine other kids, between 4 months and 11 years old. Police say there were urine-stained floors, human and animal feces, and debris stacked to the ceiling. They arrested the couple and called Child Welfare Services. Rogers arrested but released on bail after being charged with child neglect. Police accuse her kids dad, Jonathan Allen of torture and child abuse and were holding him on $5 million bail.

The former cop being accused of being the Golden State Killer and East Side Rapist in court. Joseph DeAngelo in a courtroom cage yesterday where the press is asking for access to see the search and arrest warrants in his case. Prosecutors say DeAngelo is the notorious killer and rapist from the 1970s and ’80s, responsible for a dozen murders and at least 50 rapes. The Associated Press and other news agencies want the court to unseal details of his arrest and see related search warrants from April saying it contains important details about figuring out DeAngelo was the suspect. Both the prosecution and defense say releasing the info would taint the jury pool​.

A woman in China gets a dog and says it grew pretty big and ate boxes of fruit and buckets of noodles daily, then suddenly had a penchant for walking on its back legs. Then Su Yun realized her puppy was actually a bear. She says the more the animal grew, it looked like a bear, and she says, she’s a little scared of bears. The animal now turned over to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre. It’s been identified as an endangered Asiatic Black Bear. The family says they thought it was a Tibetan mastiff.


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