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A man from Ukiah is recovering after falling off the second floor balcony of a hotel. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports getting a call to the Economy Inn on South State Street Monday afternoon, finding a man had some sort of medical issue then fell off the balcony. They report the man in his 30s, was found by other hotel guests and they called for help. The Fire Authority reports the man had moderate injuries, with a head injury. He was taken to a trauma center in Santa Rosa.

The latest report by the Mendocino County grand jury finds there’s still more work to do for the In-Home Supportive Services program for elderly and disabled residents. Nearly 1,800 people in the county, by last count, use the service. But the report finds the public doesn’t really know the program’s benefits because it can’t be easily found online. The website said to be poorly written or with info that’s too vague for a site visitor to understand. Also, the program is apparently rated last in the state’s 58 counties for not filing reports on time. The report also finds there are many positions left unfilled in the department, for instance, no nurse case managers at all. And the pay is not great either.

A man in Covelo’s been arrested after reports of shots fired last week. Sheriff’s deputies get a call last Wednesday morning finding two men were in a car trying to leave a neighborhood when another car approached, the driver was id’d as Antone Downey, who the occupants of the first car say, pointed a gun at them. They say he also yelled profanities at them and fired a round their way. They were not hurt, took off and say he chased them. The two men went home and called the Sheriff’s office. Deputies and Round Valley Tribal Police picked Downey up and arrested him for suspicion of assault with a firearm and held him on $40,000 bail.

A man in Covelo’s been arrested after a probation search turns up a handgun and ammo. Probation officers went to Byron Peters house last Tuesday. They took the gun and ammo from him, then arrested Peters for violating his probation. He was booked into jail on no bail.

Work will continue once again on Washington Avenue, Luce Avenue and Observatory Avenue. Final grinding work on the roads, new base rock and paving will finally be finished up starting next Tuesday after the contractor stopped work to help with rebuilds after last October’s fires in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. The work on Luce from Helen to South State Street will last 3 days, then on Observatory Avenue from Helen Avenue to South State Street and Washington Avenue from South Dora Street to South State Street will go six days, from June 7-13. Access will be allowed for those who live in the area, but it will be intermittent.

The owners of Hardesters in Middletown say they’re definitely going to rebuild after a fire gutted the building this past weekend. The co-owner, Ross Hardester says it’s gonna take some time to cleanup but they’re confident they’ll rebuild. The market has been a mainstay in town since 1943 and has expanded into Cobb and Hidden Valley. 100 people work at the Middletown location. A CHP officer helping at the market when he saw smoke coming out and controlled traffic and helped a Cal Fire firefighter he saw engulfed in flames, as we reported yesterday. The firefighter had second and third-degree burns and was taken to UC Davis Medical Center, but was said to be in good spirits. No other injuries were reported. The fire reportedly broke out in the refrigeration area of the market.

A new report on last October’s fires shows Pacific Gas and Electric Co. power lines too close to trees caused at least three of the fires. Cal Fire investigators say there were also violations of state law in Butte and Nevada counties. The fires across Northern Calif and investigations have been done in Butte County and Nevada County showing the utility didn’t take out trees or have enough clearance space between trees and power lines. More than 170 fires broke out, blackening more than 245,000 acres in Northern California. PG& E says they’ll review the findings carefully, but say they think overall programs met the state’s high standards.

The state of California is looking to have its own net neutrality rules. The state Senate is voting on a bill after the FCC voted to repeal the rules set in place during the Obama administration. The idea to treat all internet traffic equally. The U-S Senate did vote to overturn the repeal but it has to go to the House and then the president, where it’s unlikely to be totally overturned. The bill in the state Senate would prohibit internet service providers from blocking or throttling internet traffic, and would not allow internet providers to exempt certain content, sites and services from data caps. The bill to be voted on before the end of the week.

Forty animal rights activists have been arrested in Petaluma. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says they got a call about trespassers at Sunrise Egg Farms. The sheriff’s office says there were reports the protestors had stormed on to the property, broke doors to chicken coops and take chickens. Deputies reported finding as many as 200 people protesting, demanding they be able to get onto the property so they could videotape sick or improperly cared for chickens. The managers at the farm said the organizer could view the animals, but then negotiations broke down. Those arrested charged with trespassing.

A bill that could help underinsured wildfire survivors who lost their homes has passed in the state Senate. Bill Dodd authored the bill and it’s been sponsored by the state Insurance Commissioner too. It seeks to assist wildfire survivors and homeowners. The Insurance Commissioner says Dodd’s bill will start the rebuilding and economic recovery process. It looks to give fire survivors the option to supplement coverages within their homeowner policy so they’re not underinsured replacing their primary dwelling. It would work if there was a total loss after a declared disaster.

The Cal Fire firefighter injured in the Hardesters Market fire has been identified. Lake Co News reports Justin Costa working in the South Lake County Fire Protection District and a Cal Fire employee was burned on his back. He was flown to UC Davis Medical Center’s burn center. Cal Fire reports he had second- and third-degree burns, and is in fair condition, alert and talking. As we reported another firefighter and a CHP officer helped Costa. The CHP officer had minor injuries, including first-degree burns. A Serious Accident Review Team is investigating the injury.

The U.S. Geological Survey tweeting, no, it’s not wise to roast marshmallows at the erupting Hawaiian volcano. Not sure if it was in jest or not, but a twitter user was asking if it was safe to roast marshmallows over volcanic vents?, with quote, “Assuming you had a long enough stick, that is? Or would the resulting marshmallows be poisonous?” The USGS responded: “Erm, We’re going to have to say no, that’s not safe. (Please don’t try!)” Plus they add, they’d taste really bad too.

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