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A man from Clearlake Park has been sent to prison for the rest of his life for killing a man and shooting and injuring a woman. Javier Martinez Cachu reached a deal with the D-A for the murder of Luis Pimentel Arroyo and the attempted murder of Evalia Prado in Dec. of 2015. He was also sentenced for special allegations of using a firearm and got 90-years-to-life. He may be up for parole at some point because of a new law offering parole to those committing crimes as young adults. He was 25 years old at the time of the crime. Court papers say the motivation behind the murder was drugs and insurance money because Prado and Pimentel Arroyo’s house burned down in the Valley Fire in Middletown.

State Senator Mike McGuire’s announced a grant for Lake County’s emergency preparedness. The $50,000 grant for the Lake Area Rotary Club for the county’s evacuation shelter comes from Tipping Point Community. The Senator says Lake County has been impacted by five major fires the last three years and it’s become clear the emergency shelter system needed improving and upgrading. The money from the nonprofit whose been donating to a lot of the North Bay fire recovery effort will go to the Clearlake Community Senior Center, which is used as an emergency facility during times of crisis. The money with other grants to buy a new generator so there’s no power outage. There will also be portable shower/bathroom facilities, a storage room for emergency supplies, and a trailer to move the bathroom if needed.

A man from San Francisco has been arrested on drug charges in Clearlake. Police say Malik Zado Sohan was found at the Burns Valley Mall after dropping a baggie on the ground, then kicking it aside. A patrol cop saw that, and found the baggie with drugs inside. The officer then attempted to approach Sohan who took off running. Turns out that baggie had about 11 grams of crack cocaine, 4 grams of cocaine and 1 gram of heroin inside. The man’s arrested for resisting arrest, and possession of a narcotic controlled substance for sale with bail set at $30,000.

A man in Lakeport acting erratic and paranoid, died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Emergency workers tried to save the man, identified as Anthony Cortez, to no avail. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. It comes after reports he was wandering shirtless, banging on a business door, then flailing on the ground. Cops say he was waving his arms around acting paranoid, so they handcuffed him, then sat him down, but he kept acting paranoid. Cops now asking the Lake County DA’s Office to investigate Cortez’s death.

Enough money’s been raised by the community to finally get new playground equipment at Frank Zeek Elementary. The play structure should include a slide, climbing boards, and other climbing structures and should be ready for installation this summer. The principal of the school says the idea for the fundraising and new equipment after the old structure was removed for safety reasons. Apparently it was a challenge to raise the money, but the booster club helped. The Ukiah Unified School District is also donating money to the cause, raising $19,000 thru a walkathon and other yearly fundraising events.

The Governor makes a surprise visit to the Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Governor Brown there with tribal advisor and executive secretary for the Native American Heritage Commission Christina Snider, both invited by Koi tribal executive officer Dino Beltran who all met with archaeologist Dr. John Parker. They discussed staffing and security at the Marsh which doesn’t make enough money and has been understaffed. There are several archaeological sites at the Marsh too. The governor reportedly showing support to preserve cultural sites at the Marsh and wanted it open to the public more often.

Two people from Covelo found guilty of creating damage to the environment for illegal marijuana grows. The Mendocino County D-A reports Eugene Lincoln got 6 months in jail and 5 years of supervised probation. He had gotten three years in prison, but had that suspended if he meets the terms of his probation, if not, it’s off to prison. The sentencing for illegal grows and environmental violations, using a stream and lining it with plastic to divert water. He also had ammunition on him. His co-defendant and sister, Sonya found guilty of illegally growing weed and environmental violations, getting 3 year’s summary probation, 60 days in jail suspended though unless she violates her probation.

Amazon admits Alexa somehow eavesdropped on a couple in Portland, OR. The couple says the device recorded a private conversation they were having, then randomly sent it to someone on their contact list. The woman telling a local TV station, the couple got a phone call from an employee of her husband’s telling them to unplug their Alexa devices because they were hacked. Amazon’s engineers told the couple they were sorry and it was something the company needed to fix…

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