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The first Urchin Cleanup Day happening in Ocean Cove. The Watermen’s Alliance organized the clean-up over Memorial Day weekend to help kelp and abalone. Nearly 80 registered divers showed up for the event Saturday and Sunday. They came from Mendocino, Sonoma, the Bay Area and even further away to try to gather as many urchins as possible. The Waterman’s Alliance says they did it to save the abalone season. The state dept. of Fish and Wildlife was also there monitoring the urchins as they were brought out. There were other agencies on hand too, including the Landscape Partnership for Research and Resilience for kelp recovery. As you probably know abalone need kelp, it’s their food source.

The Mendocino County Juvenile Hall another step closer to closure and outsourcing the service. The Mendocino County Grand Jury’s latest report showed the county’s proposing only $1.1 million for juvenile detention this fiscal year 2018-19 which would result in a closure. So another $1.2 million would mean it could stay open. Candidates running for Fifth District supervisor are lining up to try to save the center, saying if they’re electing, they’d make sure it stayed open. And other supervisors say they’re exploring several options ahead of any closure.

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