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The newly elected County Clerk Assessor in Mendocino County says it’s true, some of the election results may change. Katrina Bartolomie, herself nominated for the job on Tuesday night, says there are still about 11,000 mail ballots to be counted, around 9,500 were counted on election night. Bartolmie’s the current assistant clerk. Her boss Clerk Susan Ranochak is retiring. Some of the races may change after all of the tallying is done, which could take a few more weeks. The superintendent of schools race was separated by only 600 votes. The 5th District Supervisor Race has about half the amount of ballots they usually get tallied, which may change the outcome and only about 70 ballot difference in the 3rd district race with John Pinches getting 669 voters and John Haschak, with 599. The remaining ballots were all in by election night. The clerk’s office officially has 30 days from the election to complete the tally.

A pine beetle repellent is being used on trees in the Mendocino National Forest. The acting Forest Supervisor approving using Rust Resistant Sugar Pine Pheromone Treatment on 16 white pine blister rust resistant sugar pines. The forest analyzing about 1,700 trees to see if they were infected with the disease resistant trait. The evaluation on trees across the Covelo, Grindstone and Upper Lake districts. Then the Forest Service will collect seeds to use in future reforestation efforts to improve forest health. The product they’re using won’t kill beetles or trees where it’s applied. It just discourages more beetles from latching on to trees.

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